Monday, October 25, 2021
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TikTok gets another reprieve from US ban

The ruling came from a lawsuit filed by three TikTok creators who were concerned that the ban would prevent them from earning a living.

Ankit Tiwari sings his first devotional track

"This is my first-ever devotional track and like all good things start with Lord Ganesha, I am happy that this is my first song as a singer in the devotional genre,"

Former employees slam Zuckerberg over his inaction to flag Trump tweet

Facebook refused to take action when the tweet was cross-posted to its platform.

Air India privatisation: Employee unions to meet in Delhi

This is the second time in less than two years that the government has come out with proposal for selling stake in Air India, which has been in the red for long.

Hong Kong court bans publishing police details, including photos

Hong Kong's police have already faced criticism for hiding their identities during clashes by removing warrant card numbers from their uniforms, as well as using face masks and shining bright torches at reporters.

A space for learners and newcomers

Founded in 2014, Dhi Artspace is centrally located in Ameerpet, with the finest display facility and a fully-equipped printmaking studio open for art practitioners

Connecticut lawmakers move to ban ‘gay panic defense’

The state House of Representatives approved legislation Tuesday preventing defendants from using the so-called gay panic defense.

De De Pyar De Review: Tabu is a quality and class act

Where does Aashish finally settle: with wife Manjana or girl friend Ayesha? Watch the film for the answer.

Unlock the door to change

Drama tends to promote good health due to its energising nature of artistic expression

‘Act out’ the instructions

The meaning is to perform a role. Although it’s worth remembering that the expression need not be limited to just theatre and plays. For instance, a sentence such as the following works: ‘I was extremely unhappy in my job, but I needed the money so I simply acted out the role of a loyal and model employee.’

Comparing skill levels effectively

When you clue someone in on something, you give them some information. The expression can be used to ask for more information, to offer information, and to indicate that one does not have all the latest and relevant information

Exploring oneself with photographs

City-based photograher Nikita Upreti talks about her journey and project titled 'Dogs of California'

The extraordinarily ordinary

Iconic photographs of women who made a lasting impact

Stairway to heaven

Music is one major key to our emotional well-being

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