Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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expiry date

‘Solo Brathuke So Better’ streaming on ZEE5

The OTT platform has also started streaming new episodes of Amrutham Dvitheeyam

How to identify fake, adulterated food items

Consumers deserve good quality product, especially as they are paying top dollar for it. So the question is how can we save ourselves from food fraud?

‘Expiry Date’, more than a murder mystery

The love thriller gave me the much-needed break, says director Shankar K Marthand

‘Expiry Date’ to hit OTT on Oct 2

The plot takes a turn when jealousy and anger brings about an inherent change in the nature of the protagonists

New AI app helps track food stocks during COVID-19 outbreak

The users are also able to get recipe suggestions on the stocked items so they can utilise the items better before they expire.

Senior police officials supervising probe in explosion at Rajendranagar

According to the police, the explosion occurred near PVNR pillar no 276 when the man tried to open a small container when it exploded and left him seriously injured.

Declutter in the right way

From your comfy outfits to mom's precious vases, and everything in between, it’s time to get rid of the older items and make room for the new ones.

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