Sunday, October 24, 2021
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These music festivals have to be on your bucket list

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Vivid Sydney is a festival that ranks high on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Spanning over 23 days, it includes a little bit for everything.

Hyderabad startup PublicVibe wins Nasscom-Facebook competition

Through the company’s platform, public can share news, issues, experiences and opinions with people in their neighbourhood.

A ‘beauty’ful journey

Anooradha, the eldest among Anoo’s sisters, shares their journey in the glamorous field

Five must-follow blogs for connoisseurs of good food

From out-of-this-world recipes to new restaurants popping up, these five must-follow blogs have everything.

The curious tale of reincarnation

Memory can be fascinating in itself. Our brains are said to be capable of recollecting the past with extraordinary accuracy. Even we don’t fully...

Celebrity fitness trainer Kiran Dembla talks about her experiences

Meet Kiran Dembla, a celebrity fitness trainer, musician, motivational speaker and a mountaineer.

Intel showcases new PC gaming, virtual reality experiences

"Intel's heritage in gaming has been built around technical innovation that brings to life amazing experiences and it's also an area where we want to keeping pushing the limits of what's possible with our technology," Gregory Bryant, Senior Vice President at Intel Corp, said in a statement.

Why at times, some do not cherish moments

This recent study could help marketers to craft strategies on ways to keep people interested longer

Decoding machine art

A number of different terms are used when talking about the domain of Artificial Intelligence, including ‘machine learning’ and ‘deep learning.’

‘Tomorrow Starts Now’ at TEDx talks

TEDx is an annual event that brings together world’s leading thinkers.

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