Monday, October 25, 2021
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Theatre most challenging medium: Rajeshwari Sachdev

"When I am on stage, I know that the performance I have given in that moment is singular and unique as the next time the rendition might differ as each time there comes a difference in perspective."

Satwik, Chirag are exciting pair: Gopichand

An elated chief coach Pullela Gopichand said it was a proud moment for India

Yuvraj Singh enters Mukul Chadda’s ‘The Office’

The 13-episode mockumentary chronicles the 9-to-5 lives of the employees at Wilkins Chawla as they navigate through their mundane routine that invariably gives rise to comical situations.

Frozen director hints that Elsa could have a girlfriend in the sequel

In an interview with Huffing Post, Frozen co-director and writer Jennifer Lee said that she hears fans calling for a lesbian Elsa and is actively thinking about the proposition. 

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