Friday, September 17, 2021
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energy consumption

Govt should focus on EVs in public transport

The focus should be on moving towards EVs, but also on moving people and not moving vehicles which can be achieved through public transportation and its electrification, said Niti Aayog CEO

Make your office environment-friendly

With conscious efforts, one can make the workplace an eco-friendly zone

How to create a zero-carbon workplace

Small changes in the functioning of an office can go a long way in saving the environment

IIT-M to help industries reduce energy consumption

Named the 'Industrial Energy Assessment Cell', the unit has research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students and faculty members doing the assessment for companies free of cost, IIT-M said in a statement.

India looking at sustainable buildings

One-third of India’s energy use comes from buildings, the highest of all sectors. Not only is the commercial buildings sector energy usage growing rapidly at eight per cent annually

Rice intake can protect against obesity

People who eat foods high in dietary fibre and whole grains have lower body weight and cholesterol

Globalisation may have been prehistoric practice

The study suggests the process of societies creating connections and becoming interdependent, known as globalisation, also played out among human society millennia ago.

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