Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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emotional health

Facebook ‘Emotional Health’ tool now available in India

The partners in India are mental health campaign ‘OK to Talk', iCALL Psychosocial Helpline (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), and The Live Love Laugh Foundation that will provide mental health helplines and resources catering to the local needs of users.

Facebook launches ‘Emotional Health’ for your well being

"Over time we will build on the features and topic areas based on the guidance of our global and national partners," Facebook said in a statement on Tuesday.

Emotional health crucial for happiness

Good thoughts and speaking out will keep you stable over time

Treating depression in child, boosts parent’s mental health

Depression is a massive public health concern that will take a variety of approaches to better manage. We believe our study is among the first to evaluate how the emotional health of a child can impact that of the parents," says co-author Mark A Reinecke

When to replace your mattress

However, most people pay little attention to the elements that make for a great sleeping environment, most important of all being their mattress.

A new definition for ‘skincare’

“It has nothing concerning how you look and all. But, we should take care of ourselves. I believe in being presentable and choose to take care of it,” says Itishree Panigrahi, Store manager

Strong friendship bonds good for teens

Adolescents who give more priority to friends at 15 have lower social anxiety

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