Friday, September 17, 2021
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Meghraj Ravindra, rapping his way to glory

City-based rapper and actor Meghraj Ravindra was first exposed to rap at a cafe in Secunderabad in the early 2000s

Eminem: As a kid, didn’t have money to buy every tape

"It took me about three years to get what I got right now, because some tapes are just harder to find than others. Because when I was a kid, I didn't have money to buy every tape I ever wanted," Eminem told

Eminem sends spaghetti meal pots to hospital workers

Earlier this week, Eminem marked 12 years of sobriety on his social media accounts

Now you can ‘deepfake’ Elon Musk in zoom

Programmer Ali Aliev demonstrated this deepfake technique by using the code to superimpose Elon Musk’s face onto his during a Zoom meeting

Rapper Eminem celebrates 12 years of sobriety

The rapper took to social media on Monday to show off a chip he received after staying sober for 12 years after past battles with addiction. He posted a shot of a black coin with the inscription, "One day at a time ... Unity Service Recovery".

Salma Hayek talks about awkward hug with Eminem

Eminem surprised many with his performance of "Lose yourself" at the Oscars, 17 years after the song won him an Oscar.

Eminem receives standing ovation at surprise Oscar performance

Post his performance, the rapper also took to Twitter to thank the Academy for letting him charge up the evening.

Botox the secret to Eminem’s young-looking face: Nick Cannon

The comments come after Cannon talked about the reported same-sex oral exchange he gave to his chauffeur, according to Eminem.

Ed Sheeran confirms wedlock

The 28-year-old singer revealed the big news on his new album No. 6 Collaborations Project.

Ed Sheeran shares track list from new album

No.6 Collaborations Project comes out on July 12, hope you like it as much as I do," Sheeran wrote on Instagram along with a list of tracks.

Eminem celebrates 11 years of sobriety

Marking the milestone, the 46-year-old rapper posted a picture on his Instagram account

Pop, hip-hop lyrics equally violent

Research finds antagonistic statements might be harder to decipher in pop music

Pink to star at British pop music’s big night

The British music industry contributed £4.5 billion to the UK economy in 2015, and British artists accounted for one of every eight albums purchased worldwide.

Eminem raps about Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert bombing

The hip-hop star announced the release of "Kick Off", an 11-minute-long freestyle rap, on social media, and said he was inspired to create the track after watching the 2017 movie "Bodied"

Desi rappers who made it big

Rap fans are not oblivious to Eminem, but his desi competitor is better and relatable. Emiway Bantai is our answer to Hollywood’s hip biggies.

Eminem apologises for using homophobic slur on ‘Kamikaze’ album

Eminem said, "I think the word that I called him on that song was one of the things where I felt like this might be too far." 

Eminem to open pop-up shop

The capsule line will feature three different t-shirt designs called The Kamikaze, Success and Graffiti, as well as a limited edition Icon hoodie. The t-shirts are inspired by Eminem's career and music.

Eminem responds to Nicki Minaj dating rumour

"So wait, one more time: Let me make sure I can actually make this official. How many people want me to date Nicki Minaj?"

Eminem celebrates 10 years of sobriety

The "Not Afraid" hitmaker shared the pictured of a coin, which is given to Alcoholics Anonymous members when achieve a milestone in their journey, featured a Roman numeral X (meaning 10) engraved on it, along with words "service", "unity" and "recovery".

Eminem’s ‘Walk On Water’ features Beyonce 

The Rick Rubin-produced song is the first single released from the Superman hitmaker's forthcoming album Revival.

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