Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Editorial: Address vaccine shortage

The Centre should procure the vaccines centrally and give the States operational flexibility

Amid talks, Chinese mouthpiece tells India has no chance of winning war

We must remind the Indian side that China's national strength, including its military strength, is much stronger than India's, the editorial of Global Times said

Google fellowship in journalism to support students of colour

"Fellows will have the opportunity to work on editorial, revenue, and technology projects at the host publications."

Association of Surgeons condemn ‘Lancet’ editorial on 370

Hyderabad: The Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) condemned the editorial board of 'The Lancet' for publishing the editorial ‘Fear and uncertainty around Kashmir future’...

Rahul Gandhi’s personality does not attract people: Shiv Sena

After analyzing Congress post the Lok Sabha elections, Shiv Sena said the grand old party is vision less right now.

Oil giant on the way

After creation of the financial behemoth following merger of the SBI with its own five associate banks, now comes the oil giant. The Union...

For safer bank transactions

The onward march of technology can’t be obstructed by delusional activism and fear-mongering. The transformational benefits of modern technologies must reach the people. Be...

Resolve Kashmir politically

The unrest in Kashmir Valley appears to be spiralling out of control. The militant attacks on Army camps with unfailing regularity, the increasing ferocity...

In bad taste

It’s no love lost between the Indian and Australian cricketers as bad blood has flown between the two teams before the two boards came to a truce in the ongoing four-Test series.

Baby Step

The enhancement of paid maternity leave for working women to 26 weeks, from the present 12 weeks, is a progressive move, signalling that India...

DRS needs remedial steps

The ICC should take corrective steps to avoid controversies related to the ball tracking technology.

People at the centre

A sharp and well-targeted welfare policy, with the active involvement of the stakeholders, is the way forward to ensure all-round development.

A preventable tragedy

Blatant flouting of safety norms, ineffective monitoring and carelessness of the regulating agencies even at higher levels often lead to tragedies.

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