Monday, October 25, 2021
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eat healthy

Golden rules to keep your kidneys healthy

Intake of too many medicines is one of the major reasons for kidney failure and other chronic kidney diseases

‘Be positive amid Covid-19 pandemic’

Significant part of population is suffering from mental health issues in silence, say experts

Stepping out again? Here’s some useful skincare advice

Now that people are beginning to step out, there are chances that our skin became more sensitive to these environmental factors.

Take care of your vision

Increased screen time, especially during the lockdown, may have an impact on one's eye sight

Four things to help you plan better

When there are too many things to do, a little planning goes a long way

Eat healthy when doing things your way

There are ways to ensure what you consume is nutritious and light on the pocket

Find out if your pet can really handle the vegan revolution

For someone who believes in veganism, imparting those food habits into your family will be your prerogative. However, not all pets can be vegans. Here’s why.

Make the task easier

Check out these apps for counting calories to help take control over your eating habits

Engaging commuters on burning social issues

Each day, volunteers dress-up in a particular theme and try to interact with Metro Rail commuters on an issue.

Eat healthy even when you are broke

Budgeting and eating nutritious food may seem like distant relatives, but they are not.

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