Sunday, October 17, 2021
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‘Design Library’ for city fashionistas

Design Library showcases the luxury oriented, opulent, trend setting powerhouse collection from exclusive fashion designers.

Spring style prints besides florals

Think out of the box this spring and wear the prettiest design trends

A four-step guide to organising your wardrobe

Use this time to master the art of decluttering your wardrobe with these simple tips and tricks from Flipkart Fashion.

Raja Kumari to host 2019 American Music Awards

"Growing up in America, the AMAs were always an exciting night in the house. I would wait all year to see the artists in their beautiful dresses and their incredible performances. It always inspired me to reach for my dreams," she said.

Raise your style game with ‘fringe outfits’

This evergreen trend effortlessly spruces up your style quotient

Colour edit that closet with Monte Carlo collection

If you are confused, take some help from the Monte Carlo collection which has some vivid wardrobe options.

Portals that bring desi back

We explore some of the best online concept stores that are both Hindustani and prêt-à-porter at the same time

Floral treat for the eyes

Japanese artist Hanaco Hanasakura uses the beauty of these flowers effectively in her creations. Using fallen petals from colourful roses, aconites, aubrietas, sunflowers on sketches to create dresses which are Met gala worthy.

Revamp your old clothes into new

Clothes due for an upgrade? Here are some inspiring ways to create a fresh look from the things you already have.

Check latest trends to dress up your young ones

The clothes are designed for adventure, play time, picnics and formal occasions. Each garment is a perfect fusion of fashion, creativity and authenticity.

Tend to the floral print

However, it is important to be mindful about the accessories you choose to stylise your floral dresses, to avoid major a faux pas. Keeping it simple is the key. Here is what you can do

What not to wear in summer

People tend to get over enthusiastic with what they wear. Too cropped, too high or too inappropriate! Luckily, this can be avoided with a little self-monitoring.

Update your fashion quotient with paper bag waist trend

Paper bag waist is in vogue for trousers, dresses, skirts and shorts not only because they are comfortable and chic but also they give...

Desi touch to your western wear

A few basic tips to look party-ready

Versatile velvet fabric for winter fashion

The fabric not only keeps you warm, but also lets you play up with limitless options of fashion

Stay cosy & cute with cardigans

Although Hyderabad doesn’t get cold enough to sport the typical western winter wear, there are a few things we can joyfully experiment with

Try bold colours for cocktail parties

Try new styles for cocktail parties to look different from the crowd

Re-arrange your wardrobe

Become a trendsetter at college with Monte Carlo’s latest range

Do some fashionable puddle-jumping

Rubber boots, which go with almost any outfit, are now available in an attractive variety.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t throw away your old clothes

Whether you are shopaholic or not, after certain point of time your wardrobe becomes cluttered. As much as it’s important to sort your clothes,...

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