Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Disney Channel

Olivia talks about ‘identity crisis’ at 14 while filming for Disney channel

Rodrigo, who started gaining recognition at the age of 14 while starring on Bizaardvark on Disney Channel, said that time in her life was very lonely, according to People magazine.

Ashley Tisdale posts new photo of daughter Jupiter Iris

Tisdale and French welcomed Jupiter on last Tuesday, announcing her birth the following day by sharing a photo of themselves holding the baby's hand.

Freida Pinto’s ‘Mira, Royal Detective’ has an Indian touch

The international show is weaved around the country's culture and traditions

Freida Pinto on why representation matters

The actor who has been pursuing a career in Hollywood says that normalising race matters can only be achieved when we start young

Virat Kohli’s superhero avatar Super V on TV soon

In the show, Kohli is imagined in a completely different avatar as an animated teen superhero named Super V, in which the character is inspired by Virat

A lil’ bit of childhood nostalgia

Sit back and entertain yourself with these enjoyable Disney games that are sure to create unforgettable memories

Hilary on the revival of Lizzie McGuire

The actor says that conversations on the possible remake of the show going on, but nothing is certain as of now

Neeti Mohan joins Hindi version of Disney’s ‘Tangled…’

Disney Channel in India is bringing one of its most successful stories "Tangled: The Series" on Indian television for the first time.

Disney Channel introduces gay storyline for the first time

Disney Channel has featured gay characters before, appearing in single episodes of shows like "Good Luck Charlie" and the animated "Doc McStuffins".

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