Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Adilabad sees steady surge in Covid cases

The district registered the ever largest spike of the positive cases by seeing 398 cases when swabs of suspected 2,434 patients belonging to several parts of the district were examined

Women accumulate Alzheimer’s-related protein faster: Study

"Tau accumulation rates vary greatly between individuals of the same sex, but in the temporal lobe, which is affected in Alzheimer's disease, we found a 75 per cent higher accumulation rate in women as a group compared to men," said researcher

Smoking cessation drug may treat Parkinson’s in women

"What cytisine does is it binds to target receptors but doesn't activate them as efficiently as nicotine," said researcher Rahul Srinivasan from the Texas A&M University in the US.

How single thought or argument can turn into disease

Talking about how a single thought or argument takes the shape of a disease, I would like to quote it with an example.

Apple Watch can help spot Covid-19 symptoms: Study

"This study highlights the future of digital health," said the study's corresponding author Robert Hirten, Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Lack of fatty acid triggers multiple sclerosis: Study

"We've known for a while that both genetics and environment play a role in the development of MS," said senior author David Hafler, Professor at Yale University in the US.

India to begin world’s largest immunisation exercise on Saturday

The world's biggest vaccination drives comes almost a year after the first coronavirus case was detected in India, which then claimed over 1.5 lakh lives and infected one crore people.

Mediterranean diet reduces risk of prostate cancer progression

"A Mediterranean diet is non-invasive, good for overall health and, as shown by this study, has the potential to effect the progression of their cancer," said the lead researcher, Justin Gregg, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas.

472 new Covid cases, two deaths in Telangana

GHMC accounted for most number of cases with 106, followed by Medchal Malkajgiri and Rangareddy with 45 and 44 respectively

7 DNA fingerprints that decide who may get cancer discovered

Lifestyle, or put another way 'bad habits', is one of the textbook explanations for why some people are at higher risk for cancer.

For young people, Covid spells more threat for parents than themselves

"An important consideration from these findings is how to make young people who think they are not prone to COVID-19 to be still engaging in proactive behaviours against the virus," said Associate Professor Edson Tandoc Jr.

Oxford Covid vaccine safe, protects against disease: Lancet

Interim results of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trials found that the vaccine protects against symptomatic disease in 70 per cent of cases with vaccine efficacy of 62 per cent for those given two full doses, and of 90 per cent in those given a half then a full dose.

Vampire bats social distance when they get sick: Study

According to the study, published in 'Behavioural Ecology', as a pathogen spreads across a population, changes in social behaviour can alter how the disease spreads

With spike of 45,149 cases, India’s COVID-19 tally reaches 79,09,960

With 1,41,001 total active cases, Maharashtra continues to be the worst affected state by COVID-19 in the country.

Twitter blocks tweet from Trump adviser downplaying masks

"The tweet violated a Twitter policy that prohibits sharing false or misleading misinformation about COVID-19 that could lead to harm."

India’s COVID-19 infection tally crosses 74 lakh with 62,212 new cases

"The active cases of coronavirus infection dropped below eight lakh for the first time in one-and-half months."

Trump calls COVID-19 as ‘artificial horrible situation’

Trump later said that the US had the 'greatest economy ever' before the COVID-19 outbreak hit the country further. He also termed the virus "as an artificial horrible situation".

COVID-19 tally in India breaches 70-lakh mark

The number of people who have recuperated from the disease have crossed 60 lakh. India's coronavirus cases jumped from 10 lakh to 20 lakh in 21 days.

India reports 73,272 new coronavirus cases, 926 fresh fatalities

The COVID-19 case fatality rate was recorded at 1.54 per cent.

Yashoda Hospitals employ ECMO to revive severe Covid case

The woman was admitted with severe Covid-19 symptoms and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), to the hospital’s ICU on September 16.

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