Monday, September 20, 2021
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digital entertainment

Indiajoy digital festival in Hyderabad from Nov 20

To unfold opportunities for investors, corporations, studios, content developers, consumers, hardware manufacturers and students

US gaming firm to quadruple operations in Hyderabad

PTW International CEO Deborah Kirkham told Telangana Today, We forayed into Hyderabad in October 2016 and are completing three years of our operations here.

Aamir Ali excited about his comeback

"I am actually quite excited about the new phase in cinema and digital entertainment where so much experimental work is happening. I want to explore every medium -- whether it is film, TV or a web series,” Aamir said.

Hyderabad-based Silly Monks gets listed on NSE

Founded by Sanjay Reddy and Anil Pallala in September 2013, Silly Monks focuses on content aggregation, customisation and deployment of content both in audio and video format for mobile carriers, devices and music stores.

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