Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Destination USA’

Five steps to higher education in US

Follow these steps before applying for master’s programme

Destination USA: Law schools offer different degrees

The first professional law degree in the US is the juris doctor

Destination USA: Study Journalism and Mass Communication

Explore availability of specialisations at the US institution

Destination USA: Education a popular field of study

From curriculum specialist, counselor to special educator, a degree in education allows students to pursue different careers in the field

Common questions for university applications

If you are currently working on your applications for Fall 2021 admission to US universities, here’s what you need to know

Destination USA: Seek admission in accredited nursing schools only

The different degree options in nursing at the undergraduate level are: Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN), Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), and diploma programs

Destination USA: Aeronautics and Aviation programmes in US

The study of Aeronautics and Aviation Science combines flight training with academic studies

Destination USA: Business administration makes you industry-ready

For students interested in research, MS programmes in different specialisations of business administration are being offered at US colleges and varsities

Destination USA: Popular professional master’s programmes in US

The eligibility, application requirements, and admission criteria varies by programme of study and university/college

Destination USA: Professional engineering programmemes in US

Students interested in a graduate programme in engineering may earn a Master of Engineering (M Eng) or a Master of Science (M S)

Destination USA: Choose your law programme carefully

Master of Laws is a popular law degree appropriate for international students. The degree is offered with a variety of specialties and students are generally allowed to design the programme on their own

MBA in US: Admission criteria, work options

Several business schools select students by combining GMAT/GRE scores and undergraduate GPA

Destination USA: Application package for MBA programme at US

Admission procedures for the programme at a US institution differ, and not all programmes require the same criteria

Destination USA: MBA programmes in US universities

MBA is traditionally two-year programme, though there are some one-year intensive programmes (executive MBA programmes)

Destination USA: Types of Master’s programmes in US explained

It can be broadly categorised into academic and professional degrees

Destination USA: Work options for students in the US – Part II

CPT is an off-campus internship in student’s field of study

Destination USA: Work options for international students in the US

Most international students in the United States enter on an F-1 (non-immigrant) student visa

Destination USA: How to apply for PhDs in US

Applicants should start working on their applications one to two years in advance of the programme start date

Destination USA: Start collecting LoRs well in advance

Students should brief recommendors on info sought by schools

Destination USA: Transcripts form important part of applications

All transcripts should be in English and carry official seal or stamp of college or university

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