Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Joe Biden’s agenda: What can pass and what faces steep odds

Biden won an early victory in March when he signed the USD 1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package into law.

Biden will prove good for India

The US cannot afford to alter its policy towards New Delhi for it needs India to balance Chinese power in Asia

Ready to start 2nd impeachment proceedings against Trump: Pelosi

In a letter to her colleagues sent on Sunday, Pelosi said the House Democrats will introduce a resolution on Monday urging Vice President Mike Pence to "convene and mobilise the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment

Why Trump became unbearable

From dividing people to convincing them that they are cheating, Trump is now undermining the electoral system itself

Trump holds off Biden blue wave in nail-biting US election

With a record more than 100 million Americans having voted ahead of Election Day due to the Covid-19 pandemic, definitive final results could easily take hours or even days to be tabulated.

Donald Trump: the wrecking ball who came to ‘fix’ America

More than 225,000 have died from the coronavirus, while lockdowns have left millions in economic dire straits. Racial wounds, bared during a summer of protests, fester, while Republicans and Democrats in Washington bicker and backstab.

US Polls: Where Twitter, FB are forced to ban political ads

Facebook makes lot more money than Twitter on political advertising, so the stakes for that are much higher for them, says Contributing Editor of Politico Magazine

Protesters ready in case Trump refuses to accept election result

The group brings together more than 100 organizations, in particular ones campaigning for the environment and women's and LGBTQ rights, but also at least one group of anti-Trump Republicans.

Deadline looms, but COVID relief deal may be far off

Trump has upped his offer to $1.8 trillion or more and insisted Monday that “the Republicans will come along” if a deal is reached.

Asian shares lifted by stronger China growth numbers

Rising coronavirus caseloads across the globe have left investors cautious as governments impose restrictions to contain outbreaks.

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick faces Senate hearings

The Democrats and their presidential candidate Joe Biden are demanding that a nomination to the lifetime post be left until after the election.

Donald Trump signs bill averting government shutdown

Trump needed to sign the stop-gap measure by 11:59 pm Wednesday to avoid a partial government shutdown, as fiscal year 2021 technically begins on October 1.        

US House votes to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

The legislation was passed in a 305-113 vote, with all of the "no" votes coming from Republicans, Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.

George Floyd’s brother testifies before US Congress

"I'm here today to ask you to make it stop. Stop the pain. Stop us from being tired," Philonise Floyd said at the hearing on Wednesday.

 This was an attack, this wasn’t the flu: Donald Trump

Trump's comments come as the House prepares to pass more than $300 billion in further coronavirus economic rescue and medical response funding and Democrats push for another massive stimulus bill.

$2 trillion rescue package passes US Senate, heads to House  

Over half the US population is now under some form of lockdown as authorities nationwide seek to stem the outbreaks.  

Asian markets mixed as US lawmakers debate stimulus

"The high-frequency data will confirm we're in a horrible vortex of the fastest and most substantial rise in the US unemployment in modern financial history."

Trillion-dollar US economic rescue package crashes in Senate

The futures on the main US stock exchange indicators were dropping around four percent or more, indicating that Wall Street could open sharply lower.

Australia share benchmark, US futures sink as crisis deepens

Top-level negotiations between U.S. Congress and the White House continued after the Senate voted against advancing the $2 trillion economic rescue package.

Trump proposes sending cash aid directly to individual Americans

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to lose their jobs at least temporarily because of the closing of businesses under government orders and due to fall off in customers.

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