Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Bigotry hits new low

BJP must introspect on how its ideological positioning has created insecurity among the minorities

Exclusion of women in decision-making marker of ‘flawed democracy’: Kamala Harris

She emphasised that even as the world confronts a global health crisis and an economic crisis, it was critical that “we continue to defend democracy”.

Thai marchers link their democracy cause to Myanmar protests

In Myanmar on Sunday, a crackdown on protesters by security forces left at least 18 people dead, according to the U.N. Human Rights Office.

Government working on law to regulate social media: Ram Madhav

Speaking at the launch of his new book 'Because India Comes First', Madhav said democracy is stressed and facing new challenges with the rise of "non-political" and "non-state" forces.

There is nothing outside of the text

To make sense of the unconscious of all manner of texts – from hate speech, ads to cartoons – one needs to read carefully

‘Join hands’ with army for democracy: Myanmar coup leader

The military has said it was forced to step in because Suu Kyi's government failed to properly investigate allegations of fraud in November elections.

India falls to 53rd position in EIU’s Democracy Index

India's overall score fell from 6.9 in 2019 to 6.61 in the Index that provides a snapshot of the current state of democracy worldwide for 167 countries.

Democracy and discrete tragedies

If a democracy relies on informed consent and informed decision-making, then its subjects need reliable information

Curbing politics of fascism

Growing tendencies of extreme right-wing forces necessitate a proactive role from citizens to counter them

Joe Biden sworn in as US President

Biden was administered the oath of office by Chief Justice John Roberts

Reflection time for US democracy

The Capitol raid shows that the founding principles and core democratic values of America have begun to crumble

Capitol chaos

The moment of reckoning has arrived for Republicans -- they have to choose democracy over deceit

Biden lashes out at Trump after election win confirmed

"It's time to turn the page." "I'm convinced we can work together for the good of the nation," he said.

Green politics now and in future

An alternative development path different from Western and China's growth models will succeed only if we go green

Questions on state of democracy

Growing intolerance and hostility towards diversity across nations show failure of democratically-elected governments, not democracy

What is a government?

While all types of organisations have governance, the term government is used more specifically, to refer to the approximately 200 independent national governments and those within these nations

PM Modi urges voters to participate in ‘holy festival’ of democracy

Today is the third and last phase of voting in Bihar assembly elections. I request all voters to participate in this holy festival of democracy in greater numbers and set a new voting record. And of course, be sure to wear masks and social distancing

Hundreds march in Taiwan to support 12 arrested Hong Kongers

Those arrested in August range in age from 16 to 33. Their families are now campaigning to use their own lawyers instead of the court-appointed ones from the Chinese side.

US says Iran, Russia obtained voter registration info

The announcement came after registered Democratic voters reported receiving personally addressed emails in the name of the Proud Boys armed militia group.

New Legislation to boost US-Taiwan ties introduced in US Senate

"Continuing to strengthen the US relationship with Taiwan, a fellow democracy and an important security partner in the Indo-Pacific region, must remain a top priority of US foreign policy."

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