Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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TS govt promoting establishment of industries in backward regions: KTR

Minister says State is decentralising industrial development and promoting establishment of industries in backward regions

Telangana to further decentralise Covid treatment

Health Minister said the health department should utilise health care facilities in other tertiary care centres in Hyderabad, apart from Gandhi Hospital

TRS pitches for lockdown extension, seeks fiscal freedom for states

Union govt, must decentralise both funds and operations and place the MPLADS funds of State MPs with the respective State govt instead of keeping them consolidated at the Centre, say TRS leaders

To cope with 21-day lockdown, AP brings food closer to homes

Apart from decentralising farm produce markets and bringing vegetable distribution closer homes in cities and towns, the government is making arrangements for maintaining social distancing at shops and other outlets

Gajwel will emerge as counter magnet town to Hyderabad

KCR plans to develop more than a dozen counter magnet towns around the capital city

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