Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Demand for dates shoots up in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the biggest markets for dates in the country.

Actor Anasuya distributes nutrition kits to pregnant women

Actor Anasuya came forward to distribute nutrition kits to pregnant women from the Keesara PHC.

What food is served for coronavirus patients at Gandhi Hospital?

A lot of attention has gone into planning a menu that has loads of proteins and carbohydrates to improve immunity and provide energy needed to fight the coronavirus, hospital officials said.

’Tis the time for some X-mas cake

As the spirit of Yuletide envelops everyone, we give you the low-down on the ubiquitous goodies of the day

Soak and Mix at Mercure Hyderabad

The traditional annual cake mixing event was done to celebrate the advent of Christmas

Pakistan launches first official ‘moonsighting’ website

Readers can access year-wise data about the New Crescent Moon, monthly moon visibility maps and monthly moon coordinates in major cities on the site as well.

Dates, apricots diabetic-friendly

"People often worry about sources of sugar, and fruits are one of them. But, most fruits, in particular tender fruit, have a low glycemic index and what we're showing here is dried fruits also have a lower glycemic index

Indulge in desserts without guilt

Being vegan still gives you many options that are equally delicious than a sweet made from animal products

Laced with richness of dry fruits

Try your hand at these recipes which are healthy and tasty.

A creamy and chocolatey way to start off your day

Ingredients 1/3 cup rolled oats 3/4 cup milk 1/4 large avocado 1/2 cup ice 2 dates, pitted 1/2 scoop (or 1/8 cup) chocolate protein powder 1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean paste (optional) Mulberries...

Summer date with dates

The dry fruits are rich in different types of fibre, which aids the digestive system and keeps your metabolism regulated 

Desserts to try this Diwali

Indulge your sweet tooth with two homemade mithais

Dates of religious festivals finalised, submitted to CM KCR

Hyderabad: An attempt to clear the doubts over the dates on which festivals are to be celebrated was made in a two-day Vidvath Sabha...

Munch on, stay fit

Dry fruits retain the same nutritional value of fresh fruits.

Iftar delivery service to be launched in Hyderabad

The order can also be made on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or through the mobile app. The iftar box will cost just Rs. 199.

No change in prices of dates this Ramzan

This Ramzan, there will be no change in the prices of dates, which will hover between Rs 65 and Rs 70 a kg.

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