Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Changing colours of CPEC

A military takeover of the China-Pakistan economic corridor means a tighter embrace between both countries and mightier concerns for India

CPEC to be completed at all costs: Imran

"The corridor is a manifestation of Pakistan-China friendship and the government will complete it at any cost and bring its fruit to every Pakistani," Dawn news quoted Khan as saying said at a meeting on Friday held to review progress on the CPEC projects

Chinese Web

The dragon’s debt-trap diplomacy and its intentions to exert control are beginning to cause acute unease across many nations

Pakistan seeks $9 billion loan from China to fund CPEC projects

"The recent visits of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his interaction with Chinese leadership has, in true sense, broadened and enhanced the scope of future cooperation in diverse fields of agriculture, industrial and socio-economic development."

CPEC will not affect its stand on Kashmir issue, says China

It is believed that China's concerns about the unsettled status of Gilgit-Baltistan prompted Pakistan to change the region's status.

Price for nurturing terror

After the US move, a concerted international campaign needs to be mounted to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terror

Staring at the dragon

A quick resolution of the disquiet on the Sino-Indian border is in the interests of both sides

Dangerous brinkmanship

Who ends up blinking first will determine how this regional rivalry between India-China, the world's two most aspirational nations, plays out

Beijing’s belligerence

China must realise that India is capable of giving a fitting reply to any military misadventure by hostile neighbours

A royal snub

Surrendering one’s economic sovereignty to a hegemonic neighbour for the sake of a few development projects comes with a great cost. This bitter realisation...

Boycotting OBOR is right

India has been issuing strong demarches to Beijing for over 50 years against Chinese engagement with PoK

Chinese Gambit

On the face of it, China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative looks like an innocuous trans-regional project to promote trade. However, behind the...

CPEC must not be politicised: Sharif

Nawaz Sharif made the comments as India skipped China's Belt and Road Summit in opposition to the planned economic route which passes through Pakistan-controlled Kashmir

Trump administration blames Pak for deteriorating Indo-Pak ties

Coats said Pakistan is concerned about its international isolation due to its dwindling position against India's rising international status, expanded foreign outreach and deepening ties with the US.

Deal with the Dragon better

Since India has officially recognised 'One China' policy and Tibet as an integral part of China, we should not encourage any activity that undermines it

Souring ties

If India yields to trade temptations and joins the OBOR initiative, particularly the CPEC, it reflects acceptance of the status quo in Kashmir.

China-Pak Corridor is not a holy cow

Pakistan faces many serious problems -- and among them is the status and invulnerability of holy cows, and people who are above Pakistani laws....

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