Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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COVID times

Hyderabad health benefits company sees traction in Covid times

eKincare provides digital health records and insights to employees and corporates about health risk and where their spending should be targeted.

In a first, sporting heroes bestowed national awards virtually

Athletes logged in from multiple cities were honoured by President Ram Nath Kovind

Andhra Pradesh rolls out new industrial policy

Business enablement centre offering 10 services proposed

Reliance Securities to broaden its portfolio 

Plans to roll out lending products, health insurance services this fiscal, and sets eye on becoming a complete financial wellness company 

Railways launch customised coaches for post COVID times on Tuesday

The features, detailed in a booklet circulated by the Railways, include a host of foot-operated fixtures – including taps, soap dispensers, lavatory doors, flush valves and door latches.

McDonald’s take-out biz has seen significant traction: Smita Jatia

Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Westlife Development Limited which focuses on setting up and operating McDonald's restaurants in West and South India.

Door openers come handy in Covid times

This comes handy in opening doors or can also be used for a grip while travelling in the bus or trains.

Kerala institute develops search engine for Covid-19 researchers

"A good initiative in the fight against Covid times, as such AI tools can help extract contextual insights from research articles."

Here’s how to stay safe and keep your family safe from COVID-19

Here are a few takeaways from how Dr. Price tells his family to protect themselves. He had four main points

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