Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Universities may grow stronger

They have thrived despite past disruptions and Covid-19 is unlikely to impact their growth trajectory adversely

Key criteria to check before applying for Master’s programme in US

Some institutions in the US do offer financial support to international students

Tamil Nadu partners with Coursera to upskill 50k youth

The programme aims to develop high-demand skills like data science, Cloud computing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

TASK, Coursera to train 50,000 youth in Covid times

On the eve of World’s Youth Skills Day, through the partnership, TASK is making 3,800 courses on Coursera available to 50,000 unemployed youths across the State

TASK, Coursera to train 50,000 unemployed youth amid covid crisis

Learners can enroll in the courses by September 30 and will have access until the end of the year to complete the courses.

Capgemini picks up Coursera to upskill employees for new normal

According to the company, this strategic investment is intended to help team members advance their skills and ensure they are equipped to adapt to new business imperatives.

COVID-19: Coursera to make 3,800 of its courses free for the unemployed

Enrollment is open through September 30 for organisations to enroll unemployed workers in courses.

Lifelong learning crucial: Raghav Gupta

Hyderabad: In a world driven by technology and knowledge economy, it is crucial that one adopt lifelong learning and continuously seek avenues to keep pace...

Destination USA: Distance Learning at US Universities

Full-time UG/PG programmes offered with various learning methods

IIM Calcutta to offer two online courses

IIM, Calcutta, is planning to launch two online certificate courses in "Management Science" and "Supply Chain Analytics" for a global audience

IIM Calcutta to soon offer online certificate courses

The prestigious B-school has partnered with Coursera, a global online learning platform, to launch the courses which will be delivered fully online.

Destination USA: Transfer procedure for undergraduates-II

When students discuss with a college how many transfer credits they will receive, it is important to understand the distinction between general acceptance of credit, and acceptance of credits to meet the requirements for graduation

Destination USA: The US grading system

Institutions offer a variety of full-time degree programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels as well as individual courses

Go viral with marketing

At the heart of any successful campaign is its outreach and the engagement. But how does one make something go viral?

How to build a website?

The MOOC, Coursera has many such courses and one of the popular ones is on how to create a website over the weekend!

Learn how to raise funds

Coursera helps startups know how to finance their ventures.

Creating Mathematical thinking

Coursera gives scope to differente how school teaches math versus how math can be applied in real life.

Learning How to Learn

Four-week course offered by California university

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