Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Dating in 2021? Follow these six resolutions

Did 2020 bring passion, joy, heartbreak, confusion, inconveniently timed IBS (or a combination of all five)? Regardless, follow these tips to own 2021

US Covid-19 vaccine rollout falls short, says Report

As a result, the federal government came nowhere close to vaccinating 20 million people by the end of 2020, as it had promised," Xinhua news agency quoted

Social media platforms teamed up for World Mental Health Day

Even though we are separated from friends and family, meditation reminds us that we are all a part of a shared human experience.

Confusion over Delhi’s COVID-19 toll as govt, hospital data don’t match

After the discrepancies between the COVID-19 death toll reported by the government and figures from hospitals came to light, Minister Satyendar Jain asserted that the government is not hiding data

Lockdown leads subtle behavioral changes in stray dogs: Experts

Animal behaviorist says it was a difficult time for dogs, which are used to human attention, especially those in markets where people pet them and give them food on the go

‘Sahayam’ in OU provides COVID-19 free mental health tele-counseling

Sahayam, In-charge, Director, Prof. C. Beena said that a team of 15 psychology experts is ready to render tele-counseling services through proactive strategies to minimize the impact of psychological stress

Sudden lockdown has created immense panic and confusion: Rahul to PM Modi

The former Congress chief said the number of poor people dependent on a daily income is too large in the country to unilaterally shut down all economic activity.

Ensure support to run hostels during lockdown: KTR tells officials

Minister aska the hostel/ PG managements to not evict anyone from their properties

Amazon’s 3rd party sellers shipping expired food: Report

In cases where multiple vendors are selling the same product, it's not always clear who you're buying from or whether or not it's fresh. Amazon has taken down some listings, Engadget reported quoting CNBC.

State schools await major repairs in Telangana

More than half of the classrooms in 21,669 government, local body schools are on the verge of collapsing, states a report

Ariana Grande’s new wax figure upsets fans

For those who are eager to see the wax figure in London, they'll be able to do so for the next five weeks.

Age of innocence: then and now

Childhood may have a different meaning for the next generation

Mistakes happen, but at Oscars?

From pure confusion to unlimited humour, Academy Awards provided many memorable moments to twitterati this year.

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