Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Head injuries may worsen cognitive decline decades later

"Here we found compelling evidence that head injuries in early or mid-life can have a small but significant impact on brain health and thinking skills in the long term," said lead researcher Sarah-Naomi James

Covid survivors may suffer cognitive complications

The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, found that in the short term, a wide range of neuropsychiatric problems were reported.

Wine, cheese may reduce cognitive decline: Study

The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, is the first of its kind large scale analysis that connects specific foods to later-in-life cognitive acuity.

Managing allergies during Covid-19

It is crucial to know your allergies and avoid these triggers, along with seeking medical intervention

Google rolls out new accessibility tools, apps for Android users

For people with limited mobility, the tech giant has introduced Action Blocks, a new Android app that allows them to create customizable home screen buttons.

‘Sahayam’ in OU provides COVID-19 free mental health tele-counseling

Sahayam, In-charge, Director, Prof. C. Beena said that a team of 15 psychology experts is ready to render tele-counseling services through proactive strategies to minimize the impact of psychological stress

Why dancing is good for brain

Dance is the best physical activity for mental and physical health says Shiamak Davar, Bollywood ace choreographer

Now, computer game can train brain to eat less sugar

This could aid in reducing weight and improving health.

Groove that stress away

One need not be a dancer, or have any dancing skills to participate or benefit from dance therapy

Key part of conversation

Your eye contact signals if you are a good conversationalist or not

Exercise may benefit Parkinson’s patients: study

Being physically active can benefit people living with Parkinson's disease, improving their gait and balance and reducing risks of falls, according to a new study.

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