Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Notre Dame spire will be restored to original design

In a statement, the Palace said that French President Emmanuel Macron announced the decision, putting an end to speculation that the spire would be rebuilt in a modern style, the BBC reported.

St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral to celebrate Golden Jubilee in Hyderabad

In 1939, a United Malayalam Congregation was formed in Hyderabad by the expats from Kerala, to meet and conduct a common Sunday worship service.

Philippines cathedral bombing sparks peace process worries

Two explosions tore through the cathedral, shattering pews and windows, on the Muslim-majority island of Jolo, killing worshippers at Sunday mass and security forces in one the nation's worst bombings in years.

Cairo: 22 killed in bomb blast at main Coptic cathedral

Egypt's official news agency says a bomb blast at Cairo's Christian cathedral has killed 22 people and wounded 35 others.

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