Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Why Joss Stone wanted to be shown as a toon in her music videos

I said to Steve Greenberg, who signed me when I was 14, ‘Steve, if we're gonna do music videos, can we just do a cartoon like the Gorillaz so nobody knows what I look like?'

COVID-19 interrupts world’s longest-running cartoon

The 30-minute episodes aired on Sunday nights are very popular, and for many in Japan have come to denote the end of the weekend.

Eye on the tiger

The man, who also dabbles in cartoons, came out with his take on the matter. His cartoon, features two tigers who make fun of the government figures on the gargantuan census which culminated sometime ago.

KMA felicitates Namasthe Telangana cartoonist

On the invitation of the KMA, Mrityunjay Chiluveru (cartoonist, Namasthe Telangana), Narsim and Subhani, cartoonists from the two Telugu States, have attended the celebrations.

Little Singham back with season 2

Starting September 13, season 2 of Little Singham will introduce crazy new villains, new adventures and locations alongwith festive themes, superb action and laughter moments under the theme double tashan and double fun!

Harley Hambley’s a feel-good genderless cartoon

His work has evolved over time from depressing and dismal presentation of ‘bean’ to happy and welcoming. A character that yearned death turned into a cheerful and optimistic person.

Kuchi Saisankar turns paintings into performing art

Being an artist is not just about drawing something. One has to have knowledge on many aspects. Such meanings are conveyed in the works...

Namasthe Telangana cartoonist Mrityunjay wins appreciation

The festival attended by many cartoonists from all over India was organized by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy and Kerala Cartoon Academy on the occasion of cartoons completing 100 years and on the 60th anniversary of Kerala State Formation in Kochi.

Youth speak up

Want to share your thoughts with us on your favorite movie/ childhood moment ? Send in yout write up [not exceeding 150 words] and a high-res photo to tabloid@telanganatoday.news

Cartoon: February 5

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