Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Carbon Dioxide

IndianOil to set up Rs 600 crore mega ethanol plant in Telangana

The company’s R&D has also found another avenue for ethanol production from carbon dioxide.

Musk to donate $100 mn for best carbon capture technology

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a combination of technologies designed to prevent the release of Carbon dioxide generated through conventional power generation and industrial production processes by injecting the Carbon dioxide in suitable underground storage reservoirs.

Covid lockdown causes record drop in CO2 emissions: Study

According to the report, by December 2020, emissions from road transport and aviation were still below their 2019 levels, by approximately 10 per cent and 40 per cent.

Green makeover: Stars who turned veggie over past months

Here is how Bollywood celebrities are setting an example towards healthy living by reducing carbon footprints

Amazon, Microsoft invest in sustainable concrete producer

"We are looking forward to lowering the carbon footprint of many of our buildings by using CarbonCure concrete, including in Amazon's HQ2 building in Virginia."

Does face mask inhibit flow of air?

The good news is that if we find ourselves in a dysfunctional breathing pattern, we can easily override it and get rid of any symptoms.

The ‘Dirty Snowballs’ of Space

Some researchers think comets might have originally brought some of the water and organic molecules to Earth that now make up life here.

Climate crisis: Scientists alarmed by Siberian heat wave

The thermometer hit a likely record of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the Russian Arctic town of Verkhoyansk, a temperature that is unusual in Siberia, which is known for being frozen.

GHMC turns to IoT to trap mosquitoes

These devices release carbon dioxide and simulate human conditions to attract mosquitoes. As the mosquitoes get near the device, they get trapped in the net attached beneath the device

Today’s CO2 levels higher than past 23 million years: Study

The findings, published in the journal Geology, is a next-level study measuring the relative amount of these carbon isotopes in fossil plant materials and calculating the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere under which the ancient plants grew.

No ice in the North Pole by 2050, say scientists

A research study published in Geophysical Research Letters on AGU website earlier this month suggests that in next 30-years all the ice in the Arctic circle will completely disappear during the summer months

Demonstration on fire safety measures held in Khammam

Awareness programme was conducted at Khammam railway station main entrance for the benefit of the RPF staff, outsourcing staff as well as the passengers at the station

Early Earth’s atmosphere was rich in carbon dioxide: Study 

Every day, our planet gets pelted by space dust, micrometeorites that collect on the Earth's surface

Climate change, humans causing biodiverse ecosystems to collapse: Study   

Researchers noted that only international action to decrease carbon dioxide emissions can reverse this trend

NIRDPR trains delegates from 13 countries on housing programmes

Sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs under Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation initiative, this month-long training programme features participants from Africa, Middle East, North America & Asia

Musk aims to send 10 lakh people to Mars by 2050

"Building 100 Starships/year gets to 1,000 in 10 years or 100 megatons/year or maybe around 100k people per Earth-Mars orbital sync,"

Pillars of climate change denial

Why are we allowing the people with the most privilege and power to convince us to delay saving our planet?

US gives formal notice to quit Paris Agreement on climate change

Democratic Party candidates for the presidential nomination are strong supporters of the Paris Agreement, which committed the US to cut its carbon emissions from the 2005 level by 26 per cent by 2025.

New technology removes CO2 from air at any concentration level: Study

"The greatest advantage of this technology over most other carbon capture or carbon absorbing technologies is the binary nature of the adsorbent affinity to carbon dioxide."

Vietnam opens Southeast Asia’s largest solar power farm

The company said it will also prevent the emission of 595,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

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