Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Hyderabad sees decline in Diwali pollution in last 5 years

3-fold increase in PM2.5, 2-fold up in PM10 levels of minute particles in air recorded on Oct 27

‘Doctors for Clean Air’ launched in Hyderabad

Air pollution affects nearly all of us and understanding the impact of air pollution is first step in keeping our air safe, said SK Joshi, Chief Secretary

Hyderabad: Air monitoring to be intensified

State Pollution Control Board to set up seven new stations at strategic locations across city

Hyderabad’s air quality takes a hit on Diwali

The Particulate Matter (PM2.5) levels shot up to a staggering 112 ug/m3 on Diwali night against 53 ug/m3 on a normal day.

PCB to go for realtime pollution monitoring

Hyderabad: Realising the need to monitor real time and peak concentration levels of critical pollutants present in the city's air, the Telangana State Pollution Control...

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