Monday, September 20, 2021
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Myanmar blocks access to Twitter, Instagram

The Ministry's directive asked the operators to temporarily suspend the access of Twitter and Instagram under Section 77 of the country's Telecommunications Law

Youth turn to adult content

Online sexual content has become a way for young Venezuelans to pull through the economic crisis

BuzzFeed closes news operations in Britain, Australia

Many news outlets have been hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with plummeting advertising revenues and already struggling operations pushed deeper into the red.

Vox Media and New York Media to merge

In recent years Vox and New York Media have sought to diversify, into podcasts, video production and event organizing.

BuzzFeed to cut 15% of its workers: reports

Like other online publishers, it has struggled to expand digital advertising sales in line with its investors' expectations as Google and Facebook continue to dominate the sector.

Twitter corners Kaju katli

A viral Buzzfeed India post that ranked Diwali sweets got Twitterverse buzzing

Napping with kitties

Adorable pictures of ‘Cat grandpa’ fast asleep along with shelter’s cats go viral

Creatives share their most epic rebuffs, instil hope

The tweet that said, “Sometimes I dig up old rejection letters from publishers and literary journals to remind myself that it’s just part of the process…" (sic).

Blogs that keep you engaged

These blogs pique our interests on the most intense topics, make us dig into them and help us voice our opinions.

Curb fake news, not media

Attempts to silence the media under the garb of controlling fake news is a remedy worse than the disease

Twitter to livestream news to curb misinformation

According to a report in BuzzFeed News late on Thursday, Twitter will rely on partnerships with regional news stations to select the footage to be live-streamed.

Facebook fights US govt order over alerting users about data investigation

Facebook and other technology companies many times before has fought for the right to let users know about investigations that are being carried out into them.

Trump to visit CIA headquarters Saturday

US President Donald Trump's spokesman Sean Spicer said that the President is planning to make a visit to the CIA.

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