Monday, October 18, 2021
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Google testing shopping links under YouTube videos

The test ads first popped up under Nike videos and clicking on them redirected users to the Google Express marketplace to complete the purchase.

Things to check before buying shoes online

The first tip to avoid mistakes in your shopping, is to select an online shop with a reliable history. Opt for one which has guaranteed activity and solid experience in the field.

Pick the perfect pair from skinny fit to tapered and jogger fits

Skinny fit has made quite a statement this year in the denim world, with its fitted legs and tapered ankle that elongates the silhouette.

Making afternoons awesome again

The place offers different flavours of Asian cuisines at an affordable price and drinks that combine with the simple and elegant decor and ambience.

Know your meow

Persian cats are not only rare but are also the most sensitive in nature and need extra care

David, Victoria Beckham buy five million euros country mansion

The nine bedrooms mansion, comes with a triple garage, two large courtyards, and an apple orchard as part of the surrounding two acres of land.

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