Sunday, October 17, 2021
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This eggless jaggery cake is a healthy bake

Welcome the New Year with the soft, spongy Wheat Flour Cake worth to bookmark special occasions in our life

Comfort food for the chilly days

Try this rich and highly satisfying creamy chicken that will have you going for second and third helpings

What food is served for coronavirus patients at Gandhi Hospital?

A lot of attention has gone into planning a menu that has loads of proteins and carbohydrates to improve immunity and provide energy needed to fight the coronavirus, hospital officials said.

Walkers come to the rescue of stray dogs in Hyderabad

Ever since the lockdown with hostels and mess remaining closed, several stray dogs in Osmania University campus, which usually depend on the food offered by students or leftover food near hostels, have been starving

Goa to remain under complete lockdown until March 31

Panaji: Goa will remain under a complete lockdown until March 31, the state Cabinet decided on Tuesday. Essential services have however been spared from the...

Food distributed to pregnant women in Macherial

Mancherial: Abhinava, a voluntary organisation distributed nutritious food to pregnant women who visited primary health centre for undergoing various investigations and availing medical services, in...

Climate change to affect our favourite food

Beer to tea and coffee, everything is going to become a delicacy in the near future

Eating right,need of the hour

What should be consumed and when has left may confused

Dates, apricots diabetic-friendly

"People often worry about sources of sugar, and fruits are one of them. But, most fruits, in particular tender fruit, have a low glycemic index and what we're showing here is dried fruits also have a lower glycemic index

Breakfast and diabetes, what’s the connection?

Breaking the fast between dinner and lunch with wholesome meals

Common man’s ambrosia

The findings, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, suggest that those who closely follow an anti-inflammatory diet have an 18 per cent lower risk of all cause mortality.

Pair your wine with these nibbles

Explore and experiment a bit to make your dining experience a delectable one

Places where you can get some freshly baked breads in Hyderabad

We south Indians always prefer our regular idly and dosa over anything else. But, like there are always exceptions, bread is something that made...

Fluffy blueberry muffins to die for

Try baking these delicious delights that go well with your hot cup of coffee this monsoon.

High-carb breakfast helps you make better decisions

Eating a high-carb breakfast, which includes bread, cheese and milk, may help you make good decisions throughout the day, say scientists who found that...

Kejriwal breaks bread with Jung

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor, who was locked in a running battle with Jung for a long time, told reporters that the two met over breakfast.

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