Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Here’s how you can deal with cyberbullying

Online abuse may result in emotional and physical stress

Trolling and its impact on social media

At least 25 per cent of the users subjected to some form of social media trolling

Update and transform

Consisting of informative, entertaining posts, any individual can find inspiration from overseas, without leaving the comfort of their own living room.

Expand your comic universe

Blogs that give out more info about your favourite cartoon characters and books.

Give out some handmade love

Take your DIY creative skills to the next level by adding these tips and techniques provided by the below sites.

Check these blogs for perfect princess hairstyles

‘The Princess Hairstyles’ has also launched a free app for Android and iOS for easier access to their hairstyling guide.

Here are a few must read car blogs for the motor aficionados

If you are a car enthusiast and constantly in search of the updates, here are a few blogs you need to check out. Out...

Smitten by the travel bug

From weekend getaways to less-explored international destinations, Hyderabadis are all set to tick off their wanderlust bucket list on their own terms, finds out

Chop it right with these blogs

Diyvideoeditor The blog Diyvideoeditor shows you the nuances of how to get started with basic editing and later takes you through the advanced techniques basic...

Master video editing skills

Subscribe to these five YouTube channels and learn the best part of filmmaking with zero investment

Step up for smart entrepreneurship

There are a few blogs by industry experts that would help you start your business with proper knowledge, planning and strategy.

Analyzing mock test performances

In all our articles, we suggested that you start with concepts and start attempting Mock tests a month or two before the test.

Blogs that help you maintain your house

Family Handyman This blog has everything for those who are looking to repair the damages they find at home. Be it related to carpentry, fixing...

The art of découpage

Practise your skills by taking some inspiration from these blogs.

Start your day with the sun

Wake up with a smile. It is a good signal for your body and mind to feel happy about getting up early. Triggering such positive emotions will regularise this habit.

For valuable inspirational tips

These blogs can be one of those channels that can boost you and guide you when needed. Browse through them and stay motivated.

Teens who are super popular

If you are a teenager and any of the bloggers you are following don’t come under your age group, then, you need to check out some really famous teen bloggers.

Is photo editing a big task?

Once you install a software, you are immediately surrounded by the questions, ‘how to edit on it’. Answers to all your questions can be found in a few blogs where detailed tutorials are posted. Check out the following blogs for tips and a little handholding.

Tales of dog deeds

While they can forever keep us amused with their adorable disposition, we, in return, need to take care of them well. These blogs tell you how.

Earrings, bangles and cocktail rings for a festive look

A lot has been said about the choice of clothes like fabrics and patterns, but let’s not leave another important aspect aside -- the accessories.

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