Saturday, September 18, 2021
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bird species

88 species spotted by bird watchers at Hyderabad Zoo

These birds included rare ones such as Red Breasted Flycatcher, Hair Crested Drongo and Forest Wagtail.

More bird mysteries unravelled in 2019

With Avian species shrinking in size, and North American continent losing a quarter of its birds were among the biggest discoveries

20 new bird species sighted at Manjira Wild Life Sanctuary

Only four of these 20 bird species were sighted at Manjira long time back and rest 16 were never in the history

On a mission to clean up lakes

This group of enthusiastic birdwatchers is on a mission to clean up lakes

More bird species at risk of extinction: Study

More than 200 bird species in six rapidly developing regions are at risk of extinction despite not being included on the IUCN.

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