Saturday, October 16, 2021
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S&S to release ‘The Story of Covid-19’ the greatest public health threat

The book also contains plenty of accessible, practical advice on how to ward off infection and look after both your mental and physical health during isolation.

Webinar on ‘Making movies in times of corona’

The webinar titled 'Making Movies in times of Corona' will be exploring what the movie business will look like post-lockdown. Leading filmmakers from various film industries in the country

‘There are always two sides to a story’

Climbing the stairs to being a Queen of Bollywood, the actor struggled her own way up in the industry battling all the negatives.

Transformative power of theatre

The concept of the play is interesting one as there is no director and every actor who comes on stage is handed a script and he/she has no time for rehearsal. It will be performed by Vinay Varma.

Keri Russell to star in Broadway’s Burn This

Tony award winner Michael Mayer will direct the show, which begins performances in March of 2019 at a theatre yet to be announced.

About more males in Tomb Raider

The Oscar-winning actor, however, is not a hundred perfect satisfied. Even though the new film is less hyper-sexualised, Vikander, in an interview with Vanity Fair, says the movie does not feature enough women.

Dharamsala film fest to feature award-winning documentaries

The first line-up for the fest was announced on Tuesday via a statement. Among two award-winning documentaries to be showcased are Kirsten Johnson's Cameraperson and Rahul Jain's Machines.

Pooja Hegde to learn ballroom dance

A close source says, “Few know that Pooja is a very gifted dancer. She has an incredible fitness level that comes from a regular aerial yoga routine. She’s extremely excited to get on with it.”

Priyanka Chopra ventures into Mollywood as producer

Although a formal announcement is yet to be made, the information has been reportedly confirmed by close sources and her mother, Madhu Chopra.

Ian McKellen wants James Bond to be gay

"I do have an idea. I think Ian Fleming, who wrote the original books, knew all about (it). I'm not sure subsequent actors have quite understood the joke, which is the same as Superman. James Bond is a wimp," quoted McKellen as saying.

Mirror to the world

Reflections are a great medium to know ourselves and find out about the other half.

Bieber splashes $15,000 on new mouthpiece

The "Company" singer got the mouthpiece from Los Angeles-based jeweller Gold Teeth God - who created the grill in five days, reports

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