Saturday, October 23, 2021
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YouTube making changes to its verification programme

"When viewers come to YouTube, it's important that they know the channel they are watching is the official presence of the creator, artist, public figure or company that it represents.

‘Moonwalk’ on Bengaluru potholes now recreated in Mexico

Baadal took to Twitter to share the Mexico video and and wrote, "...and they recreated it in Mexico! #mexican roads."

The ‘surreal’ artist

Meet Kotagiri Santhosh, a city-based professional painter whose works are based on surrealism and the subconscious state of mind

Pitcher perfect hues

Young entrepreneurs Harish and Gayathri’s BeyondInks show artists that alchohol inks are worth a shot for some happy inking!

Television artiste goes missing in Hyderabad

Police sources said she was acting in brief roles in some Telugu daily soaps for the last one year.

Artist pays tribute to Telangana on Formation day

23-year-old Ramagiri Swarika from Hyderabad decided to celebrate Telangana Formation Day in her own way, by depicting symbols that were prominent during the Telangana movement.

Lok Sabha has 12% younger MPs this time

Of the 542 MPs elected to the Lower House of the Parliament this year, 65 are aged between 24 and 40

Eminent artist Surya Prakash passes away in Hyderabad

The city has a lost a great artist in Surya Prakash but his landscapes will remain true to his enduring legacy.

Life happened while I was busy painting, says Sajid Bin Amar

My father was a commercial artist. I used to see him paint and started helping out at a very young age.

Writing on the wall

After big cities, small towns may very well become the medium for artists to give form to their creative works.

Looking at the ‘big picture’: Shreya Varakhedkar

For this artist, Shreya, painting is as important as her daily routine.

Tens of thousands remember slain rapper Nipsey Hussle  

The Staples Center arena was packed to the rafters for the ceremony, while many others watched on television and online as the city bid farewell to the Grammy-nominated artist

A handy book on Bonalu

The book Bonalu Mahankali Jatara, edited by the Narsing Rao, talks about the most popularly celebrated festival of Telangana – Bonalu, which traces its roots to the pre-historic period.

Google launches its first-ever celebrity voice cameo

As The Verge reports, the legendary artist will answer your weather queries, play music, even sing "Happy Birthday" to you, albeit for a limited time.

Art runs in Fawad Tamkanat’s family

In conversation with Fawad Tamkanat and his daughter Afza who, between them, represent two generations of the city’s artistic excellence

Freedom is not a blank cheque: Prasoon Joshi

Freedom is not a blank cheque; it comes with a fair barter of responsibility... He or she (artist) knows that they are not more important than humanity.

When body becomes a work of art

Performance artists utilise their own body and involve the audience in a major way to drive home a message

‘Painting keeps me sane’

She is now exhibiting paintings along with three other young women in ‘A Eulogy To Things That Never Were’, a 10-day exhibition starting today.

Rhythm is in his genes

Mridangam and ghatam exponent PV Ramana Murthy who hails from a traditional music family shares how he applies his calculations to his laya vadyam and details of his journey and achievements

When artists turned caregivers

A man of many media, Ravikanth Masuram talks art, family, dreams and more in a candid chat

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