Saturday, October 23, 2021
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artificial Intelligence

Love is in the ‘AI’r

Intelligent machines are at the cusp of transforming human lives by fulfilling the primal need for intimacy

Akhil Ennamsetty revives ‘C19 Task Force’

Warangal-based Akhil Ennamsetty was one of the first Covid-19 survivors in Telangana who was successfully treated and recovered at the government Gandhi Hospital in March last year

Twitter analysing harmful impacts of its AI/ML algorithms

Terming it a long journey in its early days, Twitter said the initiative will assess any "unintentional harms" caused by its algorithms.

EU plans ban on AI for mass surveillance, social credit scores

The leaked draft proposal, first reported by Politico and is expected to be made official next week, would see the EU take a strong stance on certain applications of AI, similar to the EU's regulation

Digitalisation growing in Covid era

According to experts, the industry is playing key role in value creation and catering to 75 per cent of Fortune 500 companies

TS govt using blockchain and AI to deter counterfeiting: Jayesh Ranjan

Addressing a webinar ‘Combating Counterfeiting and Smuggling during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond’, organised by Ficci’s Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying the Economy.

Airtel earns CERT-In empanelment for cyber security services

Airtel Secure has created a comprehensive solutions portfolio through strategic partnerships with global leaders such as Cisco, Radware, VMWare, and Forcepoint.

52% of Indian firms report cyber attack in last 12 months

The study of 900 business decision makers across Asia Pacific and Japan indicates Covid-19 accelerated period of digitisation and was a catalyst for improving cybersecurity, but systemic security issues persist.

Microsoft Teams offers live transcription for meetings in English

It identifies each speaker, is captured automatically in near real time, and is available during and after the meeting, Microsoft said in a blog post last week.

X-rays, AI together may help detect Covid-19 faster

The findings, published in the IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, indicate that the research team used several different Machine Learning (ML) methods to detect Covid-19, two of which resulted

CIE plans courses in AI, ML, blockchain tech

Hyderabad: Many students and professionals throng private coaching institutes or take up online short-term certificate courses, spending huge amounts, to upskill themselves in emerging...

VC investors to rely more on AI than ‘gut feel’ by 2025

Successful investors are purported to have a good 'gut feel' the ability to make sound financial decisions from mostly qualitative information alongside the quantitative data provided by the technology company

AI reveals current drugs that may help combat Alzheimer’s

The method could represent a rapid and inexpensive way to repurpose existing therapies into new treatments for this progressive, debilitating neurodegenerative condition.

AI can predict new atrial fibrillation, stroke risk: Study

Atrial fibrillation is the most common cardiac arrhythmia and is associated with numerous health risks, including stroke and death.

Samsung joins AI provider Kakao for smart home biz

Under the deal, Samsung's smart devices and home appliances will be compatible with the Kakao AI platform from Kakao Enterprise, an affiliate of Kakao Corp. that runs South Korea's most-used mobile messenger, Kakao Talk.

MediaTek unveils new AI-based 4K smart TV chip

The new chip supports cutting edge AI-enhancement technologies such as AI super resolution, AI picture quality and AI voice assistants, plus variable refresh rate (VRR) and MEMC (motion estimation and motion compensation) so graphics appear smoother.

Laxai Life Sciences to invest Rs 400 crore in Telangana

Hyderabad-based pharmaceuticals company partners with companies for oncology and Covid indications

Bollywood still links women’s beauty to fair skin: AI

The automated computer analysis was led by Indian-origin researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US.

Google fires second artificial intelligence ethics researcher

"Mitchell also posted a tweet critical of Google's handling of Gebru and a subsequent meeting between CEO Sundar Pichai and historically Black college and university leaders," the report said on Friday.

Samsung develops AI processor-embedded memory chip

Using processing-in-memory (PIM) technology, the South Korean tech giant said it integrated AI engines onto its ‘HBM2 Aquabolt', becoming the first in the industry to develop a HBM-PIM semiconductor.

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