Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Arab Spring

Series of anti-government protests in the Arab world 

From the fall of old, authoritarian leaders to the repression of revolts, here are some key dates and events that make up what is known as the Arab Spring

Aura of Arab Spring

As public protests catch on demanding better governance, we turn the clock back on the revolt of the masses across the Arab world a decade ago that fell many regimes

Harry and Meghan in Morocco on last official trip before birth

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex really love being with the people," British ambassador Thomas Reilly said in an interview with 2M television.

Iranian Spring

Iran is an key player in the development of a transit corridor around Chabahar port, and prolonged turmoil may affect this

Democracy deficit of Middle East

The world powers not only supported their favourite tyrants but also plotted to keep out good men

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