Monday, September 20, 2021
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Ice Calving: Giant iceberg breaks off from Antarctica

The new images of the iceberg's big break were captured by the European Space Agency's (ESA) Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission, an Earth-observing project made up of two orbiting satellites: Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-1B.

A photo-exhibition on Antartica’s landscape, biodiversity

Titled 'Antarctica: The Last Frontier' the exhibition is live on the website of India International Centre

Earth losing ice at record speed

The survey covers 215,000 mountain glaciers spread around the planet, the polar ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, the ice shelves floating around Antarctica, and sea ice drifting in the Arctic and Southern Oceans

Pandemic reaches Antarctica, last untouched continent

The army said the first group of 36 people includes 26 members of the military and 10 civilian employees of a maintenance contract company.

Lorde recalls a tricky situation during intense Antarctica trip

It's very, very white, everywhere you look. There are hundreds of thousands of penguins. But there are also beautiful rocky beaches, which on a sunny day make you feel like you could have a cheeky swim

Humpback whales stray up tropical Aussie river

Two of the creatures, first seen in the East Alligator River in Kakadu National Park earlier this week, are already believed to have gone back to the sea, Parks Australia said.

How continents are formed?

Europe and Asia are not really separate pieces of land. They are both part of a single, huge piece of land called Eurasia.

What is an ice sheet?

Together, the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets contain more than 99 per cent of the freshwater ice on Earth.

First underwater methane leak discovered near Antarctica

For the first time, scientists have detected an active leak of methane gas — a greenhouse gas with 25 times more climate-warming potential than...

New Zealand cuts research in Antarctica to keep it COVID-19 free

Wellington: New Zealand's research institute in Antarctica is scaling back the number of projects planned for the upcoming season, in an effort to keep...

Tweeple amazed as Antarctica snow turns blood red

A Twitter user shared the images with the caption, "Shocking Images of Antarctica's Blood Red ice are an ominous sign of Climate change as water around the icy continent is increasingly heating up Mike Hudema."

‘Blood snow’ in Antarctica stuns netizens

Viral pictures show the Antarctic turning red due to microscopic algae that can survive in freezing temperatures

Telangana cop scales Antarctica’s highest peak

Joshi, a 2004 batch officer, has successfully scaled the Mt Vinson Massif, standing tall at 4,892 metres and the highest peak in Antarctica.

SpaceX launches third batch of 60 Starlink satellites

SpaceX says its satellite constellation will be operational for Canada and the northern US by next year.

Now you can defrost surfaces in seconds!

The new technique which lets ice slide off easily will save a lot of energy in future

Sea levels to increase 10 inches by 2100: Study

Comprehensive evidence says melting glaciers can lose up to 36 per cent of their mass

How are humbug icebergs formed?

Over time, the snow is compressed to form more ice, which slides slowly towards the sea.

Riding the endurance wave

Hyderabad is gaining momentum in terms of completing ultra-marathons whether it is in running, cycling or swimming with many amateurs taking up the activity and training hard, writes M Sai Gopal

Antarctica melting away at alarming rate: Study

Another troublesome finding in the study was the fact that the sparsely studied East Antarctica has also been losing ice significantly over the same time period.

More glaciers in East Antarctica are melting away

A group of glaciers spanning one-eighth of East Antarctica's coast have begun to lose ice over the past decade, hinting at widespread changes in...

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