Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Wolves return to Netherlands

Wolves were hunted out of many European countries over a century ago but have gradually been migrating back across the continental mainland.

Virtual tour to zoo organised by Nacharam DPS entertains kids

Children were shown different animals in the zoo and they learnt about their habitat

Nehru zoo officials helping animals beat the heat

Authorities instal mist sprayers, sprinklers and small rain-guns in all enclosures apart from several other arrangements

WHO-China report says animals likely source of COVID-19

The findings offer little new insight into how the virus first emerged and leave many questions unanswered, though that was as expected.

ANINV: A pioneering platform for street animals

Lakshman Molleti’s ANINV invents mechanical tools to address challenges being faced by animals

Rapper Cardi B wants to live on a ranch

"I really want to have a farm, and I'm trying to convince my husband that we can actually have a farm (on) our property, but I've never been around farm animals, you know, I'm a real city girl," she told Guyton in a video

Samsung, LG unveil home appliances that take care of your pet

LG said using pet care cycles on their new clothing care appliances will kill dog allergen or cat allergen by 99.99 per cent in clothes.

RaagaTrippin create ‘Saare jahaan se achha’ featuring animal sounds

RaagaTrippin, the popular Indian A-Capella group known for creating instrument-free music, have created the song using sounds of creatures like peacocks, elephants, monkeys, lions, and chimpanzees.

Quiet Tesla cars responsible for her cats’ deaths: Jamie Lynn Spears

"I know there's much bigger things going on in the world right now, but somebody's gotta let Elon Musk know that the Tesla is a secret cat killer and it's a problem that we really got to fix."

Google adds 50 more animals in augmented reality in Search

In addition to the red panda and cat, there's a giraffe, cow, zebra, pig and hippo among the new animals in AR.

Treasures of the sea

Meet IT professional Malini Mohan Kumar, who believes art is a universal medium of expression, bridging gaps across language, time and culture

Global warming likely to raise disease risk for animals

The study, published in the journal Science, supports a phenomenon known as "thermal mismatch hypothesis," which is the idea that the greatest risk for infectious disease in cold climate-adapted animals such as polar bears occurs as temperatures rise.

Horses, rhinos evolved from strange hoofed animal in India: Study

Experts from Johns Hopkins University who explored mines in Gujarat discovered the remains of the strange creature called Cambaytherium.

Celebrities who eat vegan

If you are looking for some motivation to switch to plant-based diet, we list some of the biggest stars who have have turned to adopted this lifestyle.

Google Lens can now recognise 15 billion things

The search engine giant announced new ways users can use Google Lens and augmented reality (AR) while learning and shopping as part of its SearchOn event on Thursday.

Hong Kong scientists say anti-microbe drug successful against covid

Remdesivir is expensive and there is a global shortage while dexamethasone has immunosuppression effects that are risky for all but the most ill patients.

Antibodies from 2003 SARS-CoV infected neutralises SARS-CoV-2: Study

While all serum samples reacted strongly with the S and S2 proteins, they reacted more weakly with the S1 and RBD proteins.

Children show their love for animals

The mission of this day is to raise the status of animals to improve welfare standards worldwide.

Hyderabad zoo to reopen from October 6

It is mandatory for all visitors to wear face masks and undergo thermal screening and a visitor with high temperature will not be permitted to enter the zoo

John Abraham wants online ads for live animals banned

John mentioned in the letter, that Quikr claims to offer "adoptions", but true adoptions can only be ensured by working with reputable and registered animal protection NGOs.

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