Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Ameenpur Lake

Bird watchers’ day out

Members of Hyderabad Birding Pals capture 116 species of birds through their lens

Homes in a green paradise

Located at Ameenpur, Urbanrise's contemporary project offers Manhattan Condos for next-gen families

Graveyard construction in Medak stayed by TS High Court

Justice A Rajasheker Reddy and Justice B Vijayasen Reddy on Friday stayed construction of graveyard Vykunta Dhamam at Raini Cheruvu Narayana Cheruvu situated at Cheelapally in Medak District

Meet Rajashekar Muddam, a wildlife photographer from Hyderabad

Rajashekar Muddam is a photographer and VFX artist who wants to inspire people to conserve the wildlife

Birders raise pitch for ‘Cheruvu Pragathi’

Members of HBP and AWCS led a clean-up drive and removed a truckload of discarded fishing nets from Osman Sagar, which is home to a variety of resident and migrant birds.

Rare Nagarjuna Sagar Racer spotted near Ameenpur Lake

The snake, which was first identified in 1976 near Nagarjuna Sagar dam, remained elusive for more than 30 years until it was spotted by scientists, led by Bubesh Guptha, in the Seschalam forest area near Tirupathi in 2012.

Plea to stop immersing Ganesh idols at Ameenpur lake

Ganesh idols immersed last year were seen intact even on July 29, 2019. Since the residents were also dumping the puja material in the water body unaware of the danger it posed to birds and other species living in the water.

Fishing hook pierces through bird at Ameenpur lake

Seasoned birder, Dasari Vijay, who was on a birding trip to Ameenpur Lake on Wednesday evening, saw a Greater Flamingo struggling to get rid of something which had entangled in its neck. 

Watch: Ameenpur Lake, a new abode for avians

The Ameenpur Lake is turning into an abode for avian. It is one of the first biodiversity heritage sites to be approved in an urban area. The lake is attracting various resident and migratory birds and the site has been a major spot for birdwatchers in the city.

Ameenpur lake, a new abode of avians

Attracting various resident and migratory birds to the lake, the site has been a major spot for birdwatchers in the city.

Darter battling for life at Ameenpur Lake rescued

The bird was first spotted by the wildlife photographer Srinivas Kolla on last Tuesday.

Darter battles for life at Ameenpur lake

After zooming in to check what exactly it was struggling with, Srinivas learnt that the bird was struggling to open its beak as the cloth tightened around its beak.

Bidding adieu

  Srikanth Karri has been a photography services provider as a professional for 2 years specialising in portraiture, lifestyle, portfolios, pet, corporate headshots, product photography...

Tickled pink

Soumyajit Basu, an IT Service Management Manager working in Unisys who is based in Hyderabad for last 6+ years who’s serious love for Photography...

Poised to strike

Pradeep Nair, founder of Animal Warriors Conservation Society (AWCS), works towards wildlife conservation and rescue and spends most of his time close to nature...

Birders fail to trace Oriental Darter

Members of Hyderabad Birding Pals (HBP) had decided to conduct a bird walk around Ameenpur lake with an aim at removing the bird.

Birders yet to trace Oriental Darter

Wildlife photographers had shot picture of the bird that was struggling with to remove the rope on October 31

Operation ‘Oriental Darter’ on Sunday

Birders, photographers, ornithologists to launch a search to trace the bird, which entangled its beak in a nylon rope

Bird trapping comes to light at Ameenpur Lake

Sangareddy: Three days after an Oriental Darter was sighted entangled in a nylon rope by a couple of bird watchers, three other birds were...

Rare bird battles for life at Ameenpur lake

A Darter or Snake Bird (Anhinga melanogaster), which was classified under the near-threatened category by (IUCN), was sighted with its beak entangled on a plastic rope at the lake by wildlife photographers in Sangareddy district.

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