Sunday, October 17, 2021
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There will be no communal skirmishes in Hyderabad: Owaisi

I give an assurance that during my life time I will see that there is no repeat of any communal skirmishes, said AIMIM chief

Two giant ‘peacocks’ to welcome visitors at Hyderabad’s KBR Park

Forest officials say the sculptures were 24 feet in length and 12 feet in height and were made of fibre glass and iron frames

Maheswaram promises a lot of returns

Among several other factors, availability of big land parcels, proximity to highway and Outer Ring Road (ORR) and development of hardware park make Maheswaram...

Hyderabad: Green premises of ‘Girlfriend’ beckon foodies

Payal Rajput was the chief guest at the restaurant's inauguration

Winter is coming

First thing is to ensure that your roof does not have any leakage and if you find any issue like crack or leakage, you better get it fixed before the onset of winter

Indoor plants make homes live and fresh

Indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide and keep oxygen flowing and purify the air by removing toxins

Warangal station to sport Kakatiya-era structure

The eastern side of the station is being elevated to resemble the historical “Kakatiya architecture”.

Her toes do the writing for Sircilla Rajeshwari

Boora Rajeshwari was born with hand anomalies, which made both her arms non-functional.

Have a peek of priceless railway heritage

A railway saloon car, a steam loco, inspection carriage and a huge fire alarm bell on display.

Personalise your floor: Keep in mind what you need

A wide range of materials are available today to meet your specific needs

Keeping up with Italian cuisine

Ottimo offers delicately plated rustic dishes along with a beautiful selection of wines

A vibrant space to boost creativity

Nritya – Forum for Performing Arts, the newest cultural centre in Hyderabad provides the right stage and ambience to artistes

Fat Pigeon soars high

This place still continues to attract people with its culinary delights and ambience.

Experience wonderful food and ambience at Sound Garden Café

This destination at Kondapur is the go-to hub for any celebratory event.

Old school weight training for new-age result

The saying 'A skilled workman does not blame his tools' will always hold true when it comes to fitness

Amogham, ideal for a casual night out

While you are at the place, it is recommended to go for the buffet as the options in the a la carte menu may not sate your appetite.

The new corporate lunch buffet is perfect for the working crowd

Standing tall among the cluster of corporate offices, Glocal Junction decided to kick-start its ‘Corporate Lunch Buffet’ recently. Yes, you can now blow off some heat from work and chill with your colleagues. The buffet spread is simple yet filling.

Punjab Grill, food quality varies with each dish

The ambience is pretty decent and you might want to book your table in advance to avoid the whole drama of waiting. After you get your table, you get to experience the poor service of the staff.

Aama’s, a tiny, dreamy eatery

Located at Gopanpally, close to the University of Hyderabad’s south gate, Aama’s was initially thronged by, predictably, the university students.

Make your home a cool haven this Summer

This can be achieved by giving fresh coats of heat restricting paints. These coats can be applied on the roofs and on the exteriors. Apart from being economical, this can help in reducing the temperature by couple of degrees, says K Tanya, an interior designer.

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