Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Twitter to set up its 1st African presence in Ghana

In a tweet late on Monday, Dorsey said: "Twitter is now present on the continent. Thank you, Ghana and Nana Akufo-Addo (Ghanaian President)".

Where are phishing emails more likely to originate from?

The country where emails originate and the number of countries they are routed through on the way to their final destination offer important warning signs of phishing attacks.

Big cats relocation proving deadly

Majority of the 13 translocated lions that were monitored by a team of scientists in Botswana, died within a year of being moved.

One in five children globally faces water scarcity: UNICEF

South Asia is home to the largest number of children -- more than 155 million -- living in areas of high or extremely high water vulnerability.

Maruti Suzuki exports 20 lakh vehicles since 1986-87

The company's first large consignment of 500 cars was shipped to Hungary in September 1987.

Cyprus activists: Hunters” lead pellets threaten flamingos

A large number of the birds have died due to lead poisoning in the Larnaca Salt Lake

United Nations helps Africa prepare for cyclone Eloise

The cyclone is expected to make landfall near Beira in central Mozambique on Saturday morning, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the UN's authoritative voice on weather, climate and water.

Hyderabad top cop scales Mt Kilimanjaro

He achieved the feat of climbing Kilimanjaro, considered the highest standalone mountain in the world on Friday.

American singer Madonna visits Mercy James Pediatric Hospital

she wrote "Visiting Mercy James Pediatric Hosptial...........3 Years in and going strong. ! Thanks to Dr. Borgstein and the incredible team of health care workers that make it possible to save children's lives everyday!

Post-Brexit status of Gibraltar

Although Gibraltar is small, it is strategically important because of its location, standing only 12 miles from the north coast of Africa.

Madonna on ‘homecoming’ trip with family to Africa

The 62-year-old pop icon's son David Banda, 15, and daughter Mercy James, 14, as well as her eight-year-old twin girls Stella and Estere, were all born in Malawi.

OPPO sets up its first 5G Innovation Lab in India at Hyderabad

Focused on making the most advanced technologies for the world, the lab will lead innovation for other countries including Middle East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Japan and Europe

Exim Bank extends $448-mn line of credit to Uzbekistan

With the signing of this LOC agreement, Exim Bank has now in place 266 LOCs, covering 62 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Commonwealth of Independent States.

TiE Global Summit sees potential funding of $250-$500 million

Will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to access global customers through an AI-based matchmaking platform from among 20,000 attendees, participating in the summit between December 8 and 10

Patients in many countries report HCQ shortages due to Covid-19

Antimalarial drugs are taken regularly by most people with lupus, as well as many with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other rheumatic diseases.

500 volunteers fighting fire on Africa’s tallest mountain

A Tanzania National Parks statement said Tuesday that the volunteers have managed to limit the fire's spread.

Nearly dozen migrants from Africa drown as boat sinks off Tunisia’s coast

The boat carrying the migrants capsized not far from the city of Sfax.

Rare spy malware hits diplomats of NGOs from Asia, Europe

Based on the affiliation of the discovered victims, the researchers at cyber security firm Kaspersky were able to determine that the malware campaign known as "MosaicRegressor" was used in a series of targeted attacks.

As rich nations struggle, Africa’s virus response is praised

Health experts point to Africa's youthful population as a factor in why COVID-19 hasn't taken a larger toll, along with swift lockdowns and the later arrival of the virus.

Yogi bends online to feed the hungry        

The Seva team relies on Microsoft's Bing to power searches behind the scenes at, or on mobile devices with its app.

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