Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Misbah wants masks for bowlers to avoid use of saliva

The former player added that it is extremely difficult to adopt to ICC’s new guidelines once the game returns.

Giraffe is ‘baby’ for cancer survivor who adopts it

"Giraffes are one of the most vulnerable species today. Around five-six years ago, there were 1,50,000 giraffes in the world, and today they have reduced to 97,000."

Telangana: Adopt a depot, Minister calls on MLAs and MPs

Cargo and parcel services to be introduced soon

Public representatives urged to adopt govt schools in Telangana

The Minister receives 30,000 notebooks in a single day, after she asked visitors to greet her with notebooks instead of bouquets

Good relation can help adopted child

"This remarkable study in a large sample of children who were adopted out of institutions provides new insights into how parenting can have a positive impact on brain function related to emotion processing," said Cameron Carter.

Adopt new techniques, Collector tells farmers

He explained that intercropping wherein two or more crops grown on the same land and crop rotation in which two or more crops are grown one after the other helps to get increased crop yields and profits

EU leaders to unite behind Brexit demands

The heads of the remaining 27 countries are set to demand that Britain resolves the key divorce issues of "people, money and Ireland" before any talks on a future EU-UK trade deal can begin.

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