Monday, August 2, 2021
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IIT-Bombay bans ‘anti-national’ activities on Powai campus

Students at the IIT-Bombay campus were stunned to receive the 15-point circular from the authorities on Tuesday, which some have labelled as "restrictions" on their freedom and rights

Check carbon impact of your closet, says Emma Watson

Emma has gained popularity for her activism, and has helped launch a number of initiatives, including the UN Women campaign 'HeForShe'

Face of climate change activism

While one may debate over the methods being adopted to build a global brand around Greta Thunberg, the issues raised by her cannot be wished away

Revive growth with fiscal activism

When investment by private sector is not good enough, the government has to step in and invest in strategic sectors

Where Science is the authority

T Ramesh of Jana Vignana Vedika seeks to propagate scientific temper amongst the masses

Vigilance needed for steady growth, says UoH Professor

Warangal Urban: Renowned social scientist and retired professor of economics (UoH) Prof D Narsimha Reddy stressed on the need for people’s vigilance, activism, and...

Weinstein, women and sexual harassment: #MeToo trends big time

Eleven thousand retweets in just 12 hours – that is what happens when activism and social media come together.

Allow GM crops

The matters that must be decided by evidence-based science are sought to be hijacked by alarmist ideologies that manufacture fear to block the introduction of new technologies.

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