Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Shruti Haasan: Will definitely bring out more music this year

You will definitely see more music this year from me and I'm so excited to share it with everyone. For years I had to place music to the side but I'm finally learning the balance, and I'm thrilled to be able to do both.

Was dramatics teacher before coming to Bollywood: Rajkummar Rao

"The call centre had just started coming up in Gurgaon and a lot of my friends had joined call centre jobs and I was not really good with language," Rajkummar said.

Why Twinkle Khanna won’t return to acting

Daughter of Rajesh Khanna and Dimpla Kapadia, and married to Akshay Kumar, Twinkle has carved her space as an author and film producer in recent years.

I would love to do some acting again: Singer FINNEAS

"I don't know that I'd want to play like a really tiny part, unless it was a really cool director. I'd really want to do something where I could develop a character."

Dancing and acting is like my alter ego, it’s how I express myself: Sanya

"I'm boring. I'm also a bit reticent and shy but very calm overall."

Beyonce to be felicitated with Humantarian Award at ‘BET Awards 2020’ 

The American award show, which was established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television network, aims to to celebrate African Americans and other minorities in music, acting, sports and other fields of entertainment over the past year.

Theatre community needs all our support: Aahana Kumra

"My heart goes out to each person in the theatre industry who is going through these tough times."

Pandemic Effect: Sam Mendes calls out Netflix, Amazon for making millions

"The country's theatres and actors, musicians and music venues, dancers and dance spaces, concert halls and opera houses are all under threat."

Ila Arun: Initially I was sceptical to work with Nawazuddin

In the film, Nawazuddin plays the central role of a struggling actor, who lands in Mumbai from Bihar to become an actor.

Irrfan Khan: A Struggler All Life

Did Irrfan become the Irrfan that moviegoers always wished to watch and adore, become so popular in the last decade or thereabouts?

Anurag Kashyap is all praise for Vijay Varma

Vijay and I started our careers with the same films like 'Chittagong' and 'Monsoon Shootout, in which he was the lead and I was the producer.

Mandy Moore almost gave up acting before ‘This Is Us’

Moore was more well known for her singing than her acting in 2015, although had starred in relatively successful movies such as "A Walk to Remember" and "Because I Said So" by that time, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Five things to watch for on Oscars night

The Academy Awards event is sure to spring some surprises for Hollywood movie buffs

John Cena says acting career not transition from wrestling

He says his success as an actor doesn't mean his wrestling career is at an end -- even if movie commitments are keeping him out of the ring for now.

Mahesh Babu couldn’t believe Sitara aced Frozen dubbing

A recent video with Namrata and baby Sitara shows the mother-daughter duo in a candid conversation, giving us a sneak-peek into the mega-star's obsession with Elsa and how her feat has made her father indeed a very proud one.

Bringing a new dimension to theatre

Bhoomika Theatre group gives public an opportunity to invite plays to colonies for an entertaining evening.

‘I’m always looking for a way out of acting’, says Chris Evans

The "Avengers" actor hinted at the lack of creative freedom on the film side of show-business as his reason for dipping his toe into the streaming waters.

Priyanka Jawalkar shares about being a celebrity

The actor will be seen in an anthological film but doesn’t want to spill the beans further about the project

ISIS-K attempted suicide attack in India last year: top US counter terrorism official

ISIS-K is the outfit that is of the most concern to the US, said Russel Travers, Acting Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Office of Director of National Intelligence.

Pragya Jaiswal awaits lady luck to favour her

She expressed her happiness over her career graph on-screen since she came to limelight with Kanche.

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