Wednesday, June 16, 2021

TAFE keen on settting up farm implements unit in Telangana

Hyderabad: Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, India’s second largest tractor manufacturers, is keen on setting up a farm implements factory in Telangana. It could entail an investment of Rs 100-200 crore.

“We are planning to have an implements facility here. We are talking to the Government on this,” said TR Kesavan, President and Chief Operating Officer, TAFE.

According to him, these will be precision farm equipment that can be used with its tractors.
This apart, it also wants to set up JFarms, which showcases integrated farm practices suitable for small to large farms resulting in enhanced production and productivity. For this, it will need about 50 hectare and will see an investment of about Rs 50 crore, he said.

TAFE, with its expertise in agriculture, aims to help farmers in Telangana increase farm productivity and farm output through farmer training, integrated farming practices, and popularising cost effective soil and water management initiatives and reducing cost of farm inputs through mechanisation solutions, he said.

JFarm was first established by TAFE in Chennai in 1964 with an objective of empowering farmers with advanced farm technologies to meet India’s growing food needs. TAFE trains farmers, dealer, dealer employees, mechanics and students in agriculture-mechanisation. TAFE is seeking to o replicate JFarm story across India and is exploring opportunities of working with several states including Telengana, he said.

TAFE is world’s third largest tractor manufacturer and second largest in India by volumes with an annual sale of over 150,000 tractors. “We expect the industry to grow around 13 to 14 per cent this financial year. We will grow along the industry rate. We hope the growth next year too will be more than 10 per cent. Tractor buying is an indication of growth looking up,’ he said adding that credit for buying tractors is not a problem.

TAFE is one of the exporters of tractors from India with a turnover of Rs 9,300 crore. It manufactures tractors in the sub 100 hp segment in both the air-cooled and water-cooled platforms and markets them under Massey Ferguson, TAFE and Eicher brands. It has over 1000 distribution points.

Besides tractors and farm machinery, TAFE also makes diesel engines, silent gensets, batteries, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, gears and transmission components. It has business interest in vehicle franchises and plantations.

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