Suryapet: Three-year-old falls into hot sambar, dies

Photo of the 3-year-old Morapaka Hruthika.
Photo of the 3-year-old Morapaka Hruthika.

Suryapet: A three-year-old girl, Morapaka Hruthika, who was hospitalised due to severe burn injures after falling into a pot of boiling sambar on Thursday at Nemmikal village of Athmakur here, died while undergoing treatment in a hospital at Hyderabad on Friday.

Hruthika, the daughter of Nagaiah and Sunitha, had accidentally fell into the pot of sambar, which was being boiled after being left over from the 11th day memorial ceremony of her grandfather, who had passed away recently. The child was reportedly playing near the stove and had slipped and fell into the metal cooking pot.

She was rushed to a hospital in Hyderabad for treatment, where she died on Friday.