Support pours in for Laxma Reddy

Laxma Reddy

Mahabubnagar: People of Budiga Janga colony in Jadcharla have pledged their support to Health Minister Dr C Laxma Reddy during his election campaign in the colony on Saturday. The colony residents took a pledge saying they would vote only for Laxma Reddy who had tendered his resignation for the cause of Telangana without even having second thoughts.

During the campaign in the colony, Laxma Reddy went from door-to-door and enquired about problems from the Budiga Janga community. He assured the people that all their problems would be solved and that those eligible for the 2BHK scheme would definitely be made proud owners of their new homes under the State government’s housing scheme soon.

Addressing the people, Laxma Reddy asked them to elect only those candidates and political parties to power, who have done exemplary work in bringing about a qualitative change in people’s lives. He thanked the people for their trust in his leadership and vowed to keep striving for the development of the people.