Friday, September 24, 2021

Telangana Diaries

Marredpally, nursery of baseball

VS Jagannadham’s passion for baseball made him mentor many a player who went on to take part in national and international tournaments

Khammam Fort, the pride of past glory

Fort holds historical significance not just for the Khammam city, but also for the entire State

This NGO feeds the needy souls

The aim of this NGO, which was started in 2012, is ‘no poor person should sleep without food

Enjoy the taste of asal Nizami cuisine

Story of Shahnoor Jehan who started ‘Khassa’ which means ‘cooked food’ in Urdu is something along these lines

Initiative for a ‘Parivarthan’

The team of around 20 volunteers carries out clean-up drives at bus shelters in Miyapur area over the weekends

Treasure hunting or looting?

Treasure-hunting has become an unavoidable menace inside the core area of Amrabad Tiger Reserve, mainly due to the tribal festivities (jataras) being held inside the forest every year

The journey of Siddipet’s Nizam era school

The school, which celebrated the Platinum Jubilee this year, was started by the seventh Nizam in 1938 as an Urdu medium school

‘Palle Srujana’ gives right support to rural innovators

While one can dismiss this place as a quiet house of a retired Army officer, it has given a pedestal to many grassroots innovators of Telangana

A braveheart who restores faith in humanity

The young 16-year-old Somanna swung into action swimming across the dangerously gushing water and saved six lives, including three from a family of picnickers from Bellampalli in 2001.

Harvesting a Padma Shri with innovation

Reddy, who has been supported and encouraged by agencies and institutes including the ICAR and the State Agricultural University, is using WhatsApp to make the technique popular so that all farmers benefit from it

What it takes to revive a dying lake

With the water levels in the Peerancheruvu lake diminishing by the day, a group of residents Peerancheruvu Citizens for Change have taken up the charge of reviving it

Nagoba Jatara: stands the test of time

The celebration which harks back to ancient times has gained significance over time owing to its unique rituals

How the jatara fever sweeps Telangana

Come February, thousands congregate in the districts to take part in the spirit of Sammakka-Saralamma and Nagoba jatara

Captivating ancient architecture of Kaleshwara temple

Presence of two Shiva lingams holding on to a single pedestal and a sculpture of the fish idol are the major attractions of the iconic Kaleshwara Mukteshwara Swamy Temple in Karimnagar

Country Oven, pioneers in door delivery

Dr Sudhakar Rao Polasani shares his journey with one of the famous bakeries which has been serving fresh cream cakes and other bakery items to Hyderabadis for the past 27 years

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