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Hau, hum Hyderabadi hain

New to the city? No worries, just get ready to get bowled over by the sweet-sounding lingo and no, it’s not complicated at all, writes Sowmya Sangam who decodes the language for you

Following her passion

Shikha Goel accepts the societal responsibility varies from a male to a female but nothing could ever stop her from following her passion.

Surging ahead, successfully!

Sarada Gayathri gets women police personnel talking about what makes them strong and successful, the ups and downs of being in a service-oriented profession, and work-life balance

100 years and still counting

Commissioned by Mahbub Ali Khan after the 1908 flood and completed by Osman Ali Khan, the Osman Sagar lake has been serving the water needs of the city for over a century, writes Asif Yar Khan

A tribute to selfless service of these Hyderabadi doctors

Meet these few good doctors in the city who have prioritised service over money for decades together

Natural décor in a new era

Hyderabad’s DecorbyKrishna founded by Kalpana Rajesh has been impressing people with their attempts to reduce carbon footprint when it comes to décor during special occasions and ceremonies

Enter the ‘dangal’

Hyderabad’s Mettu Pahelwan family has created their own identity by continuing the family tradition of wrestling, besides training thousands of others who are interested in the sport

Dementia creeps up on gen X

Often thought to be a disease that plagues the elderly, the brain can start showing signs decades earlier than actual symptoms show up

Can contemporary touch elevate ‘brand Numaish’ ?

Despite being in its 80th year, the All-India Industrial Exhibition or Numaish is yet to become a brand on its own, writes S Sandeep Kumar

Staying safe on the roads of Hyderabad

Callousness, over-speeding and sheer disregard for rules, other commuters and pedestrians are the banes of driving in the city where every road is ‘mere baap ki sadak’

Disturbing statistics

A staggering 5,024 people lost their lives in 17,685 accidents that took place across Telangana till October this year. As many as 18,072 people suffered...

What’s for chow, Hyderabad?

From Chinese to Mexican, several food joints in metro cities are adding a good deal of international cuisines to their menu.

The days of ‘Dear diary…’ are back

Where popular micro blogging platform Twitter fails, three-year-old-22-million-strong Mastodon succeeds as it steps in to toot and boost while leaving out trolls and hatred, writes  Dennis Marcus Mathew

Celebrating Hyderabadi tastes

With Hyderabad being selected as a Creative City in Gastronomy category by the UNESCO, Asif Yar Khan digs deep into the city’s popular cuisines

Building brand through culture

The Department of Language and Culture has been putting in best efforts to provide a solid platform for myriads of art forms in Telangana

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