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Write your heart out

Write Club, Hyderabad is a one-stop meet up group that will awaken the hidden writer in you

Enchanting environs

While Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is the most popular spot among devotees, Karimnagar town is home to many historically significant shrines

Beautiful pieces of art

Adilakshmi Toys provides the right platform for artisans and toy lovers by making use of social media to promote and sell products

Creating ecosystem of art and culture

Kalakriti Art Gallery happens to be one of the most active and favourite hubs for art enthusiasts

The tenacious people of Odisha

Known for their strong-willed nature and a keen eye for art, culture and music, Odias have established a strong presence in the city over the years. Members of this hard-working community get talking to Madhuri Dasagrandhi about their culture, permeated by ancient traditions

Harbingers of music and dance

Representing one of the oldest languages in the world, Tamilians belong to the prestigious Dravidian line, and take much pride in protecting their tradition and culture. Madhuri Dasagrandhi talks to a few Tamilians of Hyderabad who made the city their home

Of valiant fighters and Puran polis

A down-to-earth community where each family is gifted with talented people blessed with an extracurricular activity, the bravery of Marathas is known worldwide. Madhuri Dasagrandhi talks to a few prominent Maharashtrians in the city to dig deep into the history of this group

Keralites: Taking roots anywhere

From time immemorial, Keralites have followed a matrilineal tradition, adding mother’s name as an initial in the names. However, as time passed, the tradition faded away, but the sense of equality didn’t. Nikisha Uddagiri speaks to Malayalees of Hyderabad who moved here a century ago, to get an insight into their culture and association with the city

Home is where the hearth is!

Believed to be one of the most disciplined, hardworking and talented communities, the Kannadiga community lived in Hyderabad since Nizam rule. One of the largest communities in Telangana, they have established hotel and other businesses, and carved a niche for themselves in the city. The Hyderabadi Kannadigas who have struck gold in the city of pearls share their nostalgic experiences with Madhuri Dasagrandhi

Sindhis: Rising from the ashes

Given their history, there is certainly no doubt that Sindhis are dedicated, hardworking and disciplined. Once the owners of the rich province of Sindh, they had to sacrifice everything and leave their home in the aftermath of the Partition. Sweta Pendyala talks to Sindhis who settled in Hyderabad in the post-Independence period and finds out about their culture, history and lives.

The resilient and enduring tribe of Banjaras

Their history may not be found in books, their art and culture may not be framed or described anywhere, but the Banjaras are a unique tribe that has imbibed into their tradition something from every part of the country. Nikisha Uddagiri speaks to Banjaras of Hyderabad to get an insight into their culture

Hard work and honesty are their credos

The Sikh community not only has a glorious present in Telangana, making successful strides in every sphere, but it also has a rich history, writes Kota Saumya

Parsis: a larger than life image

Benevolent, hardworking and wealthy, very few can imagine that the Parsi community reached the Western shores of India a few centuries ago.  Be it movies, business, science, construction, railways, defence forces, the community has made magnificent contribution to Indian society in every field. Kota Saumya speaks to Parsis in the city to get an insight into their culture and persistent battle between orthodox mindsets and liberals and the threat of extinction.

An oriental love affair with Hyderabad

Trying circumstances may have brought their ancestors to our country but, over the years, the hardworking Chinese community has mingled with the local population carving a niche for themselves in the melting pot of the twin cities.

Remnants of a legacy

Vestiges of the British Raj, with a queer mix of Western and Indian sensibilities, the Anglo-Indian community, once a sizeable number in the country, has dwindled over the years. Now, just close to 5,000 members remain in the Twin cities who have made it their home. Madhuri Dasagrandhi talks to a few Hyderabadi Anglo-Indians

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